Oct 1, 2013

Vancouver, BC – The work of a talented Langara student has become a massive installation at a major transit station as part of the city-wide Capture Photography Festival.

Continuing Studies photography student Blair Dewan created the work for the “Capture in Transit” competition, which is running as part of the six-week festival. The project involves large-scale installations by both amateur and professional photographers which are appearing at Canada Line SkyTrain stations throughout Greater Vancouver.

Blair’s piece was installed yesterday at the Langara/49th Avenue Station. The work is a series of five panels that combine images of outdoor ads and billboards from building developments in the Oakridge/Main Street corridor with photographs of the rapidly changing community. The piece, entitled The only thing certain is the uncertainty of change is meant as a commentary on the concepts of home and community, and the effects development has on those concepts.

Blair Dewan Installation

Blair Dewan's installation "The only thing certain is the uncertainty of change" at the Canada Line 49th Ave/Langara Station.

“The scale of the work is significant in that it presents the messaging associated with land development, and specifically the marketing of development at a size in which we are familiar,” said Dewan about the installation. “Outdoor ads, billboards, and hoardings promoting developments are large scale pieces, so the size of the work allows it to speak in the language of marketing. But it also allows the images of the surrounding community to be seen at a similar scale – which is uncommon – so the size establishes equal footing and voice in the conversation for the existing community.”

Installations by other artists will be appearing as part of “Capture in Transit” at eight Canada Line stations from Waterfront to Vancouver International Airport. The purpose of the project, according to organizers, is to “enrich urban life through large-scale, photo-based installations”. 

“Blair’s installation really speaks to the transitioning nature of this area, and I think it suits the project perfectly,” said Jim Balderston, Blair’s instructor from the CS Photography Program. “The presentation – being installed physically on the SkyTrain station – creates the perfect context for this piece, as it was the introduction of the Canada Line itself that has led to so much development in the area.”

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Annie Mullins
Communications Officer
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