Jan 22, 2013

Seijin Shiki

January 22, 2013, Vancouver, BC – Japanese students studying at Langara through the College’s International Education Program were celebrated in a Seijin Shiki, or “Coming of Age” ceremony, last week.

The celebration was held as part of Seijin no Hi, or “Coming of Age Day”. The national Japanese holiday is held annually on the second Monday of January to congratulate those who have reached the age of 20 – considered the transition into adulthood – within the past year. While the ceremonies are usually held at local government offices in Japan, Langara held a special celebration for the Japanese students on campus.

“By holding this special ceremony Langara was able to give these students, who are missing families and friends in Japan, the chance to celebrate this important day with their host families, instructors, and fellow students,” said Valerie Peters, Langara’s Manager of International Education. “We hope that their Canadian experience will help them prepare for the many challenges they will face in their adult lives, and we wish them every success in the future.”

Eight students were celebrated at Langara’s Seijin Shiki, all of whom have turned 20 this year. The students are part of a larger group from Takushoku University in Tokyo who are participating in the seven-month Takudai Program at Langara. They were greeted by Kinji Shinoda, the Acting Consul General of the Consulate-General of Japan (Vancouver), who congratulated them on reaching one of life’s milestones. He was joined by Tatsuyo Isono, the Consul for Cultural Affairs, and Sachi Rummel, a representative from Takushoku. Also attending were the students’ friends, host families, and members of the Langara community, including College President Roy Daykin and Dean of International Education Ajay Patel.

During the Seijin Shiki guests provided the Takushoku students with pearls of wisdom about life and responsibility. They responded with speeches acknowledging the support they have received from their families and friends throughout their lives.

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