Oct 3, 2012

Vancouver, BC – Langara College is pleased to extend its congratulations to nine students who have won Irving K. Barber Transfer Scholarships this fall.

The scholarships, which are worth $5,000 each, are awarded annually to undergraduate students who have completed two years of post-secondary education in BC and who are transferring to another institution within the province to complete their degrees. Students who win the awards have a strong academic standing and have demonstrated volunteer service within their school or community.

Langara’s winners this year are:

Elizabeth Steves, from White Rock – Arts
Hashaun Singh, from Surrey – Sciences
Minnie Teng, from Vancouver – Sciences
Karyn Kraemer, from Vancouver – Arts & Sciences
Jeremiah Humphrey, from Vancouver – Arts & Sciences
Sadaf Gavahi Kashani, from Vancouver – Sciences
Kai Kui Chen, from Vancouver – Sciences
Alana Adamson, from Vancouver – Arts & Sciences
Philip Abernathy, from Vancouver – Arts & Sciences

All nine Langara recipients have moved on to third year at the University of British Columbia this fall to continue their studies.

"Thanks to the Irving K. Barber Transfer Awards, our students who transfer to university can pursue their educational goals with less financial strain,” said Shirley Kamerling-Roberts, Langara’s Manager of Financial Aid Services and Student Assistance Programs. “Current Langara students who plan to attend university for fall 2013 studies should visit the Langara Financial Aid Department this coming February to apply for these generous transfer awards."

The awards are granted through the Irving K. Barber BC Scholarship Society, which has awarded over $4.5 million in scholarship funding to thousands of BC students since 2006. The society was named after philanthropist Irving K. Barber, who passed away earlier this year, in recognition of his extensive participation in the promotion of research and education throughout BC.

 “Mr. Barber would have been very proud of this group of deserving young people who will go on to make contributions to their province,” said Hugh Gordon, chair of the scholarship society. “Our society is pleased to support BC’s strong post secondary system.”

 “Here in B.C. we have earned international recognition for offering one of the most extensive post-secondary transfer systems in the world,” said John Yap, Minister of Advanced Education, Innovation and Technology. “I’m delighted that with these scholarships we’re making it easier for these students to make the most of their learning opportunities and move between our post-secondary institutions to succeed in their studies and fulfil their ambitions.”

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Communications Officer
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