May 7, 2012



Blair Dewan's award-winning shots. From left to right: "Transmission", "Gate", and "Pylon". Copyright Blair Dewan.

Vancouver, BC – Work produced by a student in Langara’s Continuing Studies Photography Program is being featured in Applied Arts Magazine this month as part of the Photography & Illustration Awards Annual.  

The award-winning photos, shot by photography student Blair Dewan, were created as part of the Landscape Photography course taught by seasoned photographer Jim Balderston. The images were taken at an industrial site on Mitchell Island, a finger of land situated in the middle of the Fraser River near Richmond, BC.  

“I've lived in Vancouver a lot of my life and never heard of Mitchell Island,” said Dewan, speaking of the experience of capturing his intriguing shots. “We went out on a sunny Saturday and I just responded to the look of the place. So I went back on a few more sunny Saturdays, when the light and sky matched what it was like on the original day, so I could get consistency from image to image – make it look like it was one shoot. In post-production, I worked a bit more to get some tonal consistency from shot to shot and for whatever reason cropped them into squares, even though they weren't shot that way. It just seemed right. Of the three shots in Applied Arts, one was from the original shoot. The other two were from later on.”  

Blair’s photos were selected as winners in the Nature/Landscape category of the magazine’s annual Photography & Illustration Awards, and are featured in the May/June issue available on newsstands now. The edition features more than 100 pages of some of the most inspiring images created last year, from Canadian and international artists.  

A “Winners Exhibit” featuring the award winners will be held in Toronto starting November 1, 2012. More of Blair’s work can be viewed at

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