Feb 3, 2012

Vancouver, BC – This year, Langara expanded its international initiatives and welcomed over 1,200 international students to Vancouver from over 30 countries. The development of international education is a key priority at Langara, and over the next few years the College will be working to develop more opportunities for overseas students to study at Langara.

The College forged four new partnerships with institutions on three different continents expanding the College’s already robust international roster of educational opportunities.

The Memorandums of Understanding with INSCOL Academy and the Royal Institute of Nursing in India offer international students the opportunity to come to Vancouver to learn and experience Canada.  The College’s partnership with Griffith University in Australia and the University of Sussex in England offers all Langara students an opportunity to gain international experience.

“As global citizens, Langara wholeheartedly supports the provincial government’s initiative to expand international education,” said Deanna Douglas, Langara’s Vice-President of Student Engagement. “It aligns perfectly with the College’s strategic plan by fostering an environment where students can gain international perspective and experience”.

Gordon McNeil, the Director of International Education, who is set to retire in May after 16 years of service to the College, said, “During my time at Langara, I have seen a phenomenal increase in interest from international students who wish to pursue post-secondary education in Canada. Langara is proud to have become a home to many. We are excited by the provincial government’s commitment to international education and look forward to welcoming more international students to our campus.”

To learn more about International Education at Langara visit www.langara.bc.ca/ie.

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