Dec 20, 2011

Vancouver, BC, December 20, 2011 – Langara College’s Nursing Education Resource Centre (NERC) has been refitted with a suite of new equipment, following a $250,000 endowment from the provincial government.

The funding, granted in April to enhance health education programming at Langara, has provided 22 new electric beds, 17 simple nursing mannequins, and a complex, computer-operated simulation mannequin. Five mobile ceiling lifts will complete the project.   

The upgrade has allowed for the School of Nursing to arrange for the donation of 26 beds and mattresses to the Rotary World Help Network (RWHN), who will distribute them to areas in need of aid.  

“These beds will be very valuable for countries in need,” says D’Arcy Warner, Secretary for the RWHN. “Some of them will likely go to the Phillipines, to help with their current crisis. We send equipment all over the world, including Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and Asia – wherever we get a request for aid.”  

“We are pleased to have partnered with the Rotary World Help Network to find a way to contribute our beds and mattresses,” said Ajay Patel, the Division Chair of Health Sciences at Langara. “This was an initiative which came from our faculty in the School of Nursing, which I believe reflects the global sense of responsibility the members of our College community feel towards their areas of study.”  

Langara College received funding for the overhaul of the NERC through the Ministry of Regional Economic and Skills Development, as part of a $5 million provincial program to support equipment renewal and replacement costs associated with post-secondary health education delivery.

“As BC's leading undergraduate College, we pride ourselves on delivering health programs that reflect the latest innovations in healthcare training and instruction,” Patel added. “The funding support from the provincial government enables us to update aging equipment and create the best learning experience for our students.”

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