Sep 12, 2011


Vancouver, BC, September 12, 2011 – Langara Fine Arts students collaborated with Nootka Elementary School on a public art project. The project entailed designing and creating a vibrant mural to transform the exterior walls of the elementary to reflect the energetic and creative spirit within the school.

Fine Arts students Hailey Winkelaar, Katrina Caparas, Siobhan Hyde, and Jessica Barantini underwent a consultation process with Nootka students and teachers. After a preliminary meeting and a visual presentation of ideas, the children were given a task to express their ideas in bold shapes, patterns and colors. Hailey, Katrina, and Siobhan then gathered the pieces and developed the final design, using the students’ work as inspiration. The final mural showcases a vibrant geometric design that reflects the school’s urban setting.

"We get so many compliments on our new mural,” said Kerri Wallin, Principal of Nootka Elementary School. “People comment on the bright vibrant colours and the way it perks up the school facade. CITY TV filmed at our school last week so we opened the segment with a look at the mural – the host was really impressed!”

"It was a thrill to watch the dazzling mural grow each day," said Jessie Smith, Nootka PAC and Coordinator of Latin American Studies at Langara College. "A heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who made this possible. The mural will brighten the Nootka community for years to come!"

A big thanks goes to Fine Arts instructors Suzi Webster and Helena Wadsley for providing support and guidance, and to Joyce Wong, Coordinator of User Experience, Langara Library, for identifying the opportunity.

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Joyce Wong
Langara College

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