Feb 11, 2011

Have you noticed a big blue vending machine style box located near the cashiers in the cafeteria? During January and February, Langara is testing a new alternative to water fountains and regular tap water with the Waterfillz Kiosk. The kiosk is designed to encourage refills instead of new water bottle purchases, thereby reducing waste, while at the same time providing an economical and sustainable solution to accessible drinking water.

The kiosk uses a special three pass filtration water development system to deliver microbiologically filtered water. Regular tap water is processed through the system to remove any chemicals, bacteria, or chlorine. The water is then filtered through ultraviolet light. All natural minerals and salts are left in the water for a pure taste, and as an added benefit, water is also chilled. The kiosk only uses 46 watts of power at peak operation, making it very energy-efficient.

"I think it's a great idea. Myself and a lot of my friends buy water bottles countless times a week and it is such a waste. I usually try to bring my own water bottle to school but sometimes I can't just because I already have so much stuff to carry," says Dean Tsatouhas, third-year BBA student. "The new machines make it a little bit easier. Maybe it is just my perception, but I'm not always comfortable with the quality that comes out of water fountains. It's not something I would worry about with the Waterfillz Kiosk. I hope they stay."

What do you think?

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Deane Martin
Building Services Manager, Facilities & Purchasing