Jul 18, 2011

upass bc

Starting this Fall, Langara will begin the new U-Pass BC program, which provides eligible students access to bus, SkyTrain and SeaBus services in Metro Vancouver for $30/month. Langara’s existing u-pass program, the Vancity U-Pass program, will end on August 30, 2011.

Langara transitioned to the U-Pass BC system after a referendum was hosted by the Langara Students’ Union (LSU) as part of TransLink’s eligibility requirements.

“We hope that these changes will inspire more students to use public transit even more. The referendum that the Union's constituents passed secures fair prices for years to come. Thank you to all the people who helped in the u-pass campaign,” says Eli Zbar, LSU Board Member At Large.

The new U-Pass BC cards will be issued on a monthly basis rather than per term via new dispensing machines on campus. Cards for the next month will be available at 10:00 am on the 17th of the prior month (for example, students can pick up their September card starting on August 17). Dispensing machines can be found in the Bookstore, Library and the LSU Building.

To transition to the new service, current students will receive a new magnetized Langara ID card to be used on the u-pass dispensing machines around campus. New students can pick up their ID cards at Instructional Media Services (IMS).

To receive your U-Pass BC card, make sure you:

  • have a new student ID card with magnetized stripe
  • are enrolled in eligible courses
  • have paid your tuition and fees in full or have received a fee deferral

Read full details at langara.bc.ca/upass.

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