Apr 12, 2010

Langara College welcomed $150,000 in new funding for student opportunities from Industry Canada’s Small Business Internship Program (SBIP). The program, administered through the Langara College Co-operative Education Department, encourages small and medium-sized enterprises to increase their adoption of e-commerce projects by providing financial support to hire a post-secondary student interns.

“Students are e-business savvy so they’re ideal for these sorts of projects,” said Gayleen Wren, Langara College Co-operative Education Coordinator. “It’s a real win-win. Students get ‘real world’ work experience, while employers get access to a motivated workforce to explore new e-commerce opportunities or expand existing initiatives.”

The goal of the SBIP is to improve the intake of small and medium-sized businesses in the e-business arena by providing support to actively market on-line, and improve competitiveness by upgrading e-business practices.

As part of the SBIP, eligible businesses can receive financial support to hire a post-secondary student intern to work on e-business projects. As a delivery agent for the program, the Langara College will reimburse 75% of the eligible wages and related expenses, such as statutory employee benefits, up to a total of 12-weeks of full time work.

For more information on SBIP or Langara College please contact Langara College Co-operative Education or 604.323.5434 or visit the Co-operative Education webpage.