gogeomaticsGoGeomatics Canada Magazine, December 16, 2015

  Open source GIS for everyone

  macleansMaclean's, December 4, 2015

  What a college student looks like

  metro-logo.pngMetro, December 1, 2015

  Langara's RMT program accredited (Page 26)

  metro-logo.pngMetro, December 1, 2015

  Langara alumni truly Outstanding (Page 24)

  globe-and-mailCantech Letter, November 30, 2015

  Vancouver’s Langara College sees value in open-source geographic information systems

  jim-stanfordThe Vancouver Sun, November 27, 2015

  Book review: A fresh look at the dismal science of economics

  globe-and-mailBetakit, November 24, 2015

  Startups Care inspires Vancouver tech scene to give back this season

  globe-and-mailThe Globe and Mail, November 11, 2015

  The three groups of mature college student

  langaraPeace Arch News, November 10, 2015

  Students flip for Surrey Food Bank

  macleansMaclean's, November 6, 2015

  Langara listed in Maclean's college profiles

  The ProvinceThe Province, October 19, 2015

  Langara journalism students set for election night coverage

  Georgia StraightCarstairs Courier, October 13, 2015

  The story of a refugee

  Georgia StraightThe Vancouver Sun, October 7, 2015

  Where have all the voter registrations gone?

  Georgia StraightThe Georgia Straight, October 7, 2015

  Is it time for mandatory voting?

  volt volunteersCKNW, September 27, 2015

  VOLT program celebrates 5 years, 1,000 members, and 16,000 hours in the community

Vancity Buzz

  Vancity Buzz, September 18, 2015

  VOLT program celebrates 1,000 members in five years

Suzi Webster

  The Georgia Straight, September 10, 2015

  Nerd Alert! Langara launches comics program; Cloudscape takes public transit


  The Vancouver Courier, September 9, 2015

  Studio 58 celebrates five decades of drama

Bethany Chan

  Sounding Board, August, 2015

  Leaders of Tomorrow lend a hand to Big Brothers organization (p. 10)

Suzi Webster

  CBC News, August 30, 2015

  Langara College offering new program to help first responders face trauma, PTSD

Suzi Webster

  The Metro, August 25, 2015

  Evolution of an idea (p. 15)

Antony Holland  The Vancouver Sun, August 20, 2015

  Langara's Studio 58 Marks 50 Years

antony-holland2  The Globe and Mail, August 18, 2015

  Award-winning actor Antony Holland founded Vancouver's Studio 58

Suzi Webster

  BC Musician Magazine, August 14, 2015

  Langara Film & Television Arts: one graduate’s story

nicole-marcia.jpg  The Burnaby Now, August 5, 2015

  How yoga can help with trauma, mental health and addiction

antony-holland.jpg  The Georgia Straight, July 30, 2015

  Local theatre legend Antony Holland, founder of Studio 58, dies at 95

justin-trudeau.png  The Georgia Straight, July 28, 2015

  Justin Trudeau may not last long as Liberal leader, political scientist says

metro-logo.png  The Metro, July 21, 2015

  Volunteers help drive BC (p. 13)

karen-budra.png  The Province, July 11, 2015

  Vancouver's gothic vibe: The city is perfect for dark, haunting movies and TV series

frank-bucholtz.png  Georgia Straight, July 3, 2015

  Sage of the Fraser Valley, Frank Bucholtz, retires.

drivers-seat.png  Georgia Straight, June 23, 2015

  In the driver's seat with Langara business student Pav Nagra.

ctv-news.png  CTV News, June 23, 2015

  Langara's journalism camp for teens. (video)

lyren-chiu.png  Metro, June 9, 2015

  Langara instructor makes a difference. (PDF)

andrew-chang-cbc.png  CBC News, June 5, 2015

  CBC's Andrew Chang gives keynote speech at Langara convocation. (27:55)

golf-ball.jpg  Burnaby Now, May 27, 2015

  Langara College to run golf teams in 2015/16.

bees-flower.png  Metro, May 19, 2015

  Langara College launches beekeeping program. (PDF)

lj50.jpg  The Vancouver Sun, May 14, 2015

  Langara Journalism department turns 50.

dog-walking.jpg  Georgia Straight, April 29, 2015

  Nontraditional school programs help students discover new careers.

bees-purple.png  VanCity Buzz, April 27, 2015

  Langara offering first beekeeping program of its kind in Canada.

bushkowsky.jpg  The Province, April 25, 2015

  Vancouver writer makes the shortlist for Leacock Award.

bees.jpg  Asian Pacific Post, April 21, 2015

  Beekeeping program begins summer 2015 in Vancouver.

cbc.png  CBC News, April 17, 2015

  Talking about a tough subject. Langara Health Services physician Dr. Lynn Farrales, co-founder of Still Life Canada, appears at 17:17 mark of this video.

orange-juice.jpg  CTV News, April 8, 2015

  High-tech squeeze: New vending machine offers fresh juice

learning.jpg  VanCity Buzz, April 2, 2015

  Free Vancouver learning events featured in new listing website

bloomberg.png  Bloomberg Business, March 26, 2015

  Langara College Becomes First Campus in Western Canada to Join Global Meatless Monday Initiative

veggie-fruits.jpg  Vancity Buzz, March 25, 2015

  Langara adopts Meatless Mondays on campus

montell-falcons.jpg  Vancouver Courier, March 25, 2015

  Langara narrowly misses podium at CCAA nationals

paper-dress.jpg  24hrs, March 18, 2015

  B.C. crops in dire need of honeybees

paper-dress.jpg  Georgia Straight, March 10, 2015

  Oakridge & Langara Present Brown Paper Couture

bnl-oakridge.jpg  Burnaby News Leader, March 9, 2015

  Burnaby design student crafts couture out of paper

strangers.jpg  The Ubyssey, March 1, 2015

  Strangers on a Train gives students and alumni the venue to share poetry

deborahhollangd.png  Georgia Straight, February 18, 2015

  Deborah Holland launches The Last Saturday Night at the Tipper

oklahoma2.png  Georgia Straight, February 13, 2015

  Studio 58 does Oklahoma! right

aim.png  Sounding Board, January, 2015

  Bridging the gap from school to the workplace

langara.png  Academia Group, January 30, 2015

  Langara unveils new coat of arms

chomsky.png  Vancouver Sun, January 25, 2015

  Review: Prescient professor Chomsky more right than wrong

griffin.png  The Source, January 14, 2015

  Unearthing ancient ideas at Langara’s Philosophers’ Jam


  Vancouver Sun, January 14, 2015

  Vancouver building permits hit record high in 2014


  Vancouver Sun, January 9, 2015

  B. C. film students works to be featured at Whistler, Toronto festivals

rosewood.png  Coast Reporter, January 8, 2015

  One for kids and one for all ages