Date: Feb 16, 2022
Time: 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: Breezeway (across from Bookstore)


January 29 2022 was "National Seed Swap Day”.  The tradition started many years ago when farmers used to exchange their best seeds with the neighbors thus creating more resilient plans well adopted to local environments and increasing biodiversity.

To celebrate, the Student Sustainability Ambassadors and Langara Sustainability Club volunteers are planning a Seed Swap event for Feb 16th 2-5 pm, at the breezeway between the Hub and the Bookstore. The students and faculty/staff can bring packets of seeds to the Hub any time between now and Monday Feb 14th.If bringing seed packages that have been opened, please make sure that they are properly labeled. The event is focusing on herb/vegetable seeds, although pollinator plant seeds are always welcome too.

The seeds will be repackaged into smaller envelopes, relabeled and made available to Langara community during the main event on the 16th. We anticipate that we will have at least 100-200 small seed envelopes. We reached out for seed donations to several local businesses. Any leftover seeds will be donated towards Langara garden projects. 

During the main event, there will be demos and tips on how to start the seeds and care for the seedlings. There will also be a limited quantity of seed starting supplies available. 

We are excited about the event and welcome anyone interested in participating. We hope this can become an annual tradition at the college.