Date: Nov 14, 2019 to Dec 1, 2019
Time: 8:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Location: A Building

Acclaimed director, writer, actor, and graduate, Carmen Aguirre returns to Studio 58 to direct Anon(ymous), a timely and imaginative retelling of Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey.

Iizuka’s Odysseus is a young refugee named Anon, who travels the United States in search of his disappeared mother. Far away from home and constantly skirting danger, he encounters a wide variety of people and creatures including a murderous butcher, a fantastical stiletto-wearing bird, and a salacious truck driver. It’s those who offer kindness and hope—an immigrant family, a chorus of refugees, and a surfing goddess, that allow him to stay strong in his resolve to reunite with his family.

Aguirre says, “This play is an ode to refugees everywhere, and a compelling exploration of the question: what defines home? I am overjoyed that Kathryn Shaw approached me to direct this moving piece and am eager to tackle a modern adaptation of an ancient story that is so relevant today. Epic, intimate, whimsical, poetic, horrifying, and funny, the plays biggest draw is that it spotlights the invisible brown work force of North America.”

Directed by Carmen Aguirre
Set and prop design by Jessica Oostergo
Lighting design by Alan Brodie
Costume design by Mara Gottler
Composition and Musical Direction by Joelysa Pankanea
Choreography by Delia Brett
Video design by Candelario Andrade
Sound Design by Evan Rein

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