Date: Mar 7, 2019
Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2413
Location: Employee Lounge Langara College Main Campus

Provocateurs wanted! Do you enjoy thinking about what others say as much as they enjoy arguing their own views? Langara's Department of Philosophy invites you to attend Philosophers' Jam, a forum for the expression of provocative ideas. 

Old Solutions to New Problems: Knowledge, Skepticism, and Modern Media
Speaker: Selman Halabi (Columbia College)

We will take a brief, selective tour through the history of philosophy to identify what I believe to be its most fundamental question – How do our minds relate to the world? Answering this question matters today as much as it did in Plato’s day. I will attempt to illustrate this issue’s importance by applying it to the media we consume.

Selman Halabi is a philosophy instructor at Columbia College.


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Phone: 604.323.5511 ext. 2413

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