We care for our students and will continue to provide support during this unprecedented and evolving situation. If you are coming to campus, please read through the Coming to Campus information.

These questions will be updated as more information becomes available. If you have additional questions, please email returntocampus@langara.ca.

Don’t forget to check out our Mental Health & Well-being page to see the supports available to you.

General Questions

Check the Registration Guide and Course Schedule for dates and methods of course delivery. Courses are currently being offered in person, online, and in mixed-mode sections.

Visit the Continuing Studies Registration page to find what courses are open for registration. More information about registration for Continuing Studies courses will be posted prior to CS registration.


The majority of classes have returned to face to face instruction, however some classes will continue to be online or mixed mode hybrid face to support student needs.


Online (off campus) Courses

Section numbers will include “W”. Example: W03, AW2, BW1. Type and location will be “www”. Online classes will be scheduled in one of three ways

  1. Scheduled days and times to meet through an online platform such as Brightspace.
  2. No scheduled time to meet, class lectures and assignments are delivered through an online platform such as Brightspace.
  3. Mix of scheduled and non-scheduled instruction. These sections will indicate both a meeting day and time for the scheduled portion, and "www" to indicate the non-scheduled portion of the course.

Mixed Mode Courses

Will have some online and some on-campus delivery. These sections will begin with "M". The in-person portion of the course will have scheduled days, times, and room numbers, and the type will be either "Lab" or "Lecture". The online portion will indicate "www" as the location. The online portion may or may not have scheduled meeting times. Note: Mixed Mode courses require that you be living in the Metro Vancouver area.

Fully On-Campus Courses

Will have section numbers beginning with "0" (zero), "A" or "B". For example, 001, 016, A03. They will have scheduled days, times, and room numbers when classes are held. Note: On-campus courses require that you be living in the Metro Vancouver area.

Recommended Computing Equipment

If you are registered in an online or mixed mode course, here are the basic technical requirements needed for most courses:

  • internet-connected device (laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone)
  • keyboard or equivalent (e.g. speech to text input) for text entry
  • webcam or camera on smartphone
  • microphone, either built in or external (e.g. earbuds, headset)

If you do not have access to equipment that meets these minimum standards, computer labs that are open on campus meet these requirements (with the exception of webcam/camera and microphone/earbuds). 

Please note that some courses may have other, higher, computing requirements due to their specific content. Consult your course syllabus or contact your instructor for more information. Continuing Studies students who have concerns about whether their equipment will work for their course are encouraged to contact their Program Coordinator.

Student ID (smart cards) provide access to exterior doors around campus during open hours. All students taking on-campus courses should apply for a new student ID below.

Student ID (smart) card requests are completed online by submiting an online form to request their ID.

Once the ID has been printed students will be contacted by email (Langara student email), to schedule an appointment with Student Services to pick up the ID from the A Building Information Kiosk. Appointments are required to limit the number of students on campus at one time, and to ensure social distancing measures.

Having a student ID is a requirement for having a U-Pass. Please note that only students that have on-campus classes this semester, are eligible for U-Pass. Fees for replacement or clinical IDs are being waived for now.

Learn more about student ID and access the online application form.

Courses that are being delivered online will stay online for the full semester – students will not be required to attend in-person instruction part way though the semester.

Exams for online courses will be delivered online. There will be no exams written on campus for courses that are 100% delivered online.

Most online courses are accessed through Brightspace. Login to Brightspace using your Langara email address and password.


In order to access Brightspace and other college systems you must activate your Computer User ID (CUID). Learn how to activare your Computer User ID.

The College is currently undertaking a thorough assessment of the privacy impacts of using Zoom for instructional and administrative purposes.

  • Students may participate in a Zoom session (meeting or webinar) without providing their full name. They can choose to have just their first name displayed if they wish.

  • Students and instructors should not use the audio, video, or chat features of Zoom to share personal information about themselves or others.

  • Any recordings made by instructors of Zoom sessions are stored locally on the instructor’s device, not in the cloud.

  • Zoom stores data in the cloud in data centres located in several different countries. Recently, Zoom introduced a feature that allows users to select a particular country to store Zoom session content. Langara has selected the Canada Region as the default storage location for its Zoom accounts.

  • Metadata, such as information about users’ computer devices and network configuration, is currently stored outside of Canada. However, the College has directed Zoom to fully provision its account in the Canada Region data centre and expects Zoom to comply shortly. This means that all data will be stored in Canada.

  • Zoom versions 5.0 and later include enhanced security features, such as more robust data encryption of data in transit and data at rest. All users should ensure they are using version 5.0 or later.

Online courses are added to your profile after the instructor activates the course – this usually happens on or just after the first day of classes. It is important to check your myLangara email regularly as you may hear from your instructor before the first class. Some instructors will wait for the course to start before communicating with students. You should log in to each of your Brightspace courses as soon as they appear in your profile. 

If you have not heard about a specific course that you are registred in, and it is after the first scheduled class, please email us at returntocampus@langara.ca, with the following information, so we can follow up:

  • Course name
  • Course number
  • Section (if known)
  • Instructor

Please visit the Student Responsibilities page on the Accessibility Services website for details.

Math Diagnostic Test (MDT)

Langara English Test (LET)

  • A limited number of LET sittings continue to be offered. Read the FAQs for these sessions. 

Physics Diagnostic Test (PDT)

  • The PDT is cancelled.

  • Students who required the PDT to meet pre-requisites for classes will be required to contact the respective Departments for information on next steps. 

Transcripts for regular studies academic records are available for order through the Student Information System (formerly called myLangara) from the Langara login page, as usual. Rush orders are not currently available. In-person pickup is not currently available; transcripts will be mailed out or sent electronically to receiving institutions set up for that (eg UBC, SFU, KPU, etc). If you are having a transcript mailed to you, please ensure your mailing address is up to date in the Student Information System first.

COE letters can be downloaded from the Student Information System (formerly called myLangara) from the Langara login page for free; these meet the needs of most students. If you require a personalized letter, please send a request to records@langara.ca and include what specialized information you need in your letter. Your request must come from your myLangara email address, or the email address indicated in the Student Information System as your "preferred" address. Rush COE letters are not currently available, but we will do our best to process requests for personalized letters as quickly as possible. In-person pickup is not currently available; letters will be e-mailed to you via PDF.

Campus Services

Online Learning Tools

Langara has several online learning tools that your instructors are using to continue your courses online. Your instructors will contact you and let you know which tools you will use in each class.

Brightspace by D2L, formerly known as D2L, is Langara’s online course management system. Most of your instructors use Brightspace, and you will access online course content such as notes, readings, assignments, quizzes and exams using the Brightspace platform.

Help for using Brightspace can be found here: https://iweb.langara.bc.ca/lts/brightspace/

Kaltura MediaSpace is an online media hosting/streaming service similar to YouTube. You can use MediaSpace to upload, edit, and share your media with other users, and for inserting media into your Brightspace courses.

Help using Kaltura MediaSpace can be found here: https://iweb.langara.bc.ca/lts/mediaspace/

Zoom is a web conferencing solution that provides screen sharing, meetings, live chat, and a lot more. Most often, you will join a meeting by clicking on a link in an email sent to you by the meeting host – no account required.

Help using Zoom can be found here: https://iweb.langara.bc.ca/lts/how-to/zoom/

CourseWeb is Langara College’s implementation of WordPress.

Help using CourseWeb can be found here: https://iweb.langara.bc.ca/lts/courseweb/

IT Knowledge Base - Easily find solutions to common issues such as activating computer IDs, resetting passwords, connecting to WiFi, and using printers.

Help with IT can be found here: https://langara.rightanswers.com/portal/ss/

Quick Guide to Langara’s learning tools is available here: https://iweb.langara.bc.ca/lts/

Online Writing Support

  • Submit your writing anytime and get detailed feedback in 48 hours.  You can also submit a short question about getting started with your writing, grammar or style. 
  • Individual writing assignments only.  Tutors cannot help with group-written assignments or take home exams.
  • Real time tutoring from the Langara Writing Centre
  • Sign up online and book an appointment with a tutor who can communicate with you via camera, voice, and text while working with your writing.

Self-help Writing Guides
The Writing Centre has self-help guides to get you started. Here are some popular ones:

Subject Tutoring
Writing & Tutoring Centre

Math & Stats Activity Centre (MSAC)

Virtual Learning Support

For support with academic and online learning questions, visit the Virtual Learning Support website.

Individual personal, educational, and career counselling appointments are available in person, online, or byt phone. Visit the Counselling website to book an appointment.

Students who are at imminent risk for suicide, please contact the following resources:

24-hour helpline for anyone in crisis. Free counselling for students enrolled in LSU Health & Dental Plan.
1.844.741.6389 (toll-free)

For individuals living within Vancouver for acute mental health and addiction support including suicidality, psychiatric crises, intake, and referral. Note: As of April 3, the AAC is experiencing high demand on their services and has sometimes been challenging to access. Students are encouraged to try another resource included here if they have difficulty accessing services at the AAC.
Call or walk-ins from 7:30 am–11:00 pm
Segal Family Health Centre (part of VGH) – 803 W 12th Ave. (First Floor) 604.675.3700
Burnaby Outpatient Mental Health – call to make an appointment:
Monday–Friday, 8:30 am–4:30 pm 

BC Distress Services 1.800.784.2433 (toll free) or (local) 604.872.3311
www.crisiscentrechat.ca (online chat for 19+) 12:00 pm–1:00 am
Fraser Health Crisis Line – 24-hour crisis support. For individuals living within the Fraser Health catchment area – 604.951.8855

Borrowing at the Library

For library hours or closures visit the Library Hours page. Visit the Library website for the most recent updates.

Online Reference – AskAway Chat Service
The AskAway Chat Service allows you to get research help in real time. Access the service here, on the library website, or through library databases.

Library Research Email
The general library email for research questions is libref@langara.ca. This email is monitored regularly during working hours.

Library Assignment Guides
Librarians collaborate with instructors to create Library Assignment Guides that help you get started on research assignments. These guides suggest resources, databases, and strategies that are chosen based on the assignment prompt. Even when an assignment hasn’t been given to the library, general subject guides can point students in the right direction to get started with their research.

Subject Librarian Contacts
Departments at Langara are assigned Subject Librarians. If you are working on a research project, you are encouraged to contact your subject librarian in order to get directed help.

If you need help locating resources or navigating databases, please reach out for help via chat or email.

As we have mix of online and in-person classes we have set aside classrooms for students who need a space to plug in their laptop and participate in their online classes. Students will need to bring their own device, and should use a headset for discussions. There will be two classrooms available, one designated as a silent study room.

Please contact the instructor of your online course to find out how to book a spot.

Instructors: for more information, please email facilities@langara.ca

Student can call the Registrar & Enrolment Services at 604.323.5241 to submit their Social Insurance Number over the phone. We are available to answer phone calls between Monday and Thursday from 9:00 am–4:30 pm and Friday from 9:00 am–4:00 pm.

IT Services

  • Visit the IT knowledge Base – The IT knowledge base is a self-serve portal for IT help. There are hundreds of troubleshooting articles that can be accessed, just make sure to login so that you can view all of the tips and tricks.

  • Chat with IT through remote support – During support hours, you can chat with an IT representative who can help guide you through technical challenges.

  • Submit an IT Help request – Submit an online request for the IT team to take a look at a specific issue and provide a solution.

Computer labs are open on campus. Please refer to IT's Technology on Campus website for a list of computer labs. 

In addition to the two printers between L103 and L104 in the Library Building, we have a number of printers available in computer labs and around campus. Please refer to the Student Printing page for more information.

30 laptops are available to be borrowed for the duration of one week or an entire semester. There is no charge to borrow a laptop, however photo ID (Student ID or government ID) and a student number must be provided when picking up the computer. 

Please note you must contact the Library to confirm a laptop is available for loan before you come to campus.  

Learn more about the Student Laptop Borrowing Program.

Students are required to have an Adobe Creative Cloud license to continue to use Adobe CC on personal computers or in the Citrix environment (including all Citrix labs on campus).

Some courses will continue to provide Adobe CC license to students. For the list of the courses with Adobe CC license please see Student Access to Adobe CC. Login with your Langara email at the top right corner to see the knowledge base article.

If additional courses need to be added to the list, instructors need to submit a request through the Ask-IT form for IT to assess the request.

For students who are enrolled in courses that provide Adobe CC access (see more detail here), please make sure you use “Company or School Account”. 

Financial Aid and Services

Langara Emergency Funding
If you find yourself in an emergency situation, and in need of funding, please contact the Financial Aid department at finaid@langara.ca

Government COVID-19 Benefits and Services
Find provincial benefits and services that fit your situation.

The Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training has announced that applications for StudentAid BC, along with the new non-repayable B.C. Access Grant, are now open. Every student who applies for StudentAid BC will now be automatically assessed for the new B.C. Access Grant. Aimed at low- and middle-income students, the grant will provide up to $4,000 a year to help eligible students with the upfront cost of programs leading to a certificate, diploma or degree. 

Applications to both our Student Work Assistance Program (SWAP) and our Work on Campus (WOC) program are open. These programs provide students with relevant work experience as well as financial support during their time at the College. Students will be able to apply for these programs online through the Financial Aid website.

An interruption of study of up to four weeks will have no impact on student eligibility for financial assistance or disbursement of funding if students recommence classes at the end of the interruption. No withdrawal/unsuccessful completion reporting to StudentAid BC is required.

Visit the StudentAid BC COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information Bulletin for more information regarding student loans.

Other Services

The Langara Community Cupboard provides one week’s worth of non-perishable food items per student per week. The Langara Community Cupboard provides one week's worth of non-perishable food items per student per week and can be accessed by visiting room B027 in B Building between 10 am–2 pm Monday–Friday. The Community Cupboard is not open on weekends, statutory holidays, or during campus closures. 

Students are asked to complete the Community Cupboard Online Form, before accessing their bag of non-perishable groceries.

Please see resources for an additional list of food banks located in the Lower Mainland. 

Clubs are active and will be hosting virtual activities. If you are interested in joining a club, reach out to them. A list of active clubs and club contact information can be found at langara.ca/clubs.

Visit the U-Pass BC Program page for the most recent updates regarding U-Pass.

The extended health and dental plan is administered by the Langara Students' Union. As new information is available it is being posted on the StudentCare website