Jan 6, 2022

We hope you have enjoyed a restful holiday season and wish to welcome you to the spring term. As announced at the end of December, the College is preparing for the resumption of scheduled in-person classes as of Monday, January 10. 

In consultation with the health authorities, we continue to review the impact of the Omicron variant and evaluate our existing safety plans accordingly. The health authorities have maintained that post-secondary institutions such as Langara currently are a low-risk environment for the transmission of COVID resulting in hospitalization. This is largely because there are high rates of vaccination across our community, and there are many layers of individual protection, including:

  • Getting vaccinated
  • Obtaining boosters when available
  • Staying home when sick
  • Wearing well-fitted masks
  • Practicing good hand sanitation 

These safety measures, when used together, have proven effective at protecting us outside of the College which is where most of the transmission is now occurring.  

To assist in vaccinations and following the success of our previous clinic, the College is working with Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) to host a vaccination clinic beginning February 7. 

If you are feeling ill, we encourage you to stay home and make alternate arrangements directly with your instructors, advising them as soon as possible of  any absence.

As always, your feedback and questions can be sent to us at returntocampus@langara.ca. Our updates for students can be found on http://langara.ca/health-safety.