Dec 30, 2021

As the COVID-19 situation in BC continues to evolve, the College has revised plans for the start of our Spring Term. Today the Ministry recommended to the post-secondary sector that face-to-face instruction where operationally feasible be delayed until Monday, January 10 in order to allow additional time to assess the Omicron variant. This delayed start to face-to-face classes will ensure continuity of education for those who are unable to return to campus by January 6.

Online and mixed mode courses with virtual delivery on January 6 and 7 will begin as scheduled. There will be no delayed start for online or mixed mode classes with virtual delivery.

First week orientation sessions will move online to allow full attendance. Some professional programs that have required instructional hours will start on January 6. Instructors will reach out to students in these programs.

Please note that all campus buildings and services will be available on January 4 as previously planned. Current work arrangements for non-instructional staff and faculty will continue as scheduled. If anything changes before this date, we will notify staff and faculty. Staff who are impacted by this change should contact their leader to make alternative arrangements on a case-by-case basis.

We wish to reassure you that post-secondary settings are very low risk for COVID-19 transmissions. On December 22, the PHO Dr. Bonnie Henry wrote a letter to post-secondary Presidents indicating the low transmission rates in educational settings, and recommending face-to-face delivery for instruction. The College continues to monitor the situation and adapt as required. We appreciate your patience as we do our best to move forward in a safe and inclusive way.

As always, your feedback and questions can be sent to us at Our updates for students can be found on