Dec 22, 2021

With the increased cases and recent changes in health orders, we'd like to share with you a recent communication from the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) to PSI Presidents.

We recognize that the level of concern surrounding COVID-19 has increased and would like to bring to your attention the PHO’s rationale and why the College continues to plan for classes as currently scheduled in January. This rationale is informed by the PHO monitoring of cases throughout the province. She states that: 

  • transmission is occurring principally in high-risk, unstructured social settings and not in the lower risk and more structured settings of post-secondary institutions. Educational settings and workplaces with safety measures in places are low risk settings. 

  • exposures in post-secondary settings have typically been associated with social settings and have not generated forward transmission in the classroom or office environments 

  • the post-secondary sector has been demonstrating responsible behaviour with a high level of mask wearing compliance and high rates of vaccination 

  • the previous move to online education was associated with significant negative consequences and worsening mental health of students 

Since transmission primarily occurs in the unstructured social settings outside of the structured settings of classrooms or workplaces, we ask that you be mindful that your personal actions over the holiday season provide the most effective layers of protection: 

  • if you are able, get vaccinated, and when eligible, register for a booster shot 

  • continue daily self-assessments using ThriveBC 

  • stay home if you are feeling ill 

  • abide by the current health orders 

  • wear a mask when in public indoor spaces

  • wash your hands 

The College will continue to work with Vancouver Coastal Health, the PHO, and the post-secondary sector and will provide updates regarding further developments. We will continue to follow the Return to Campus Guidelines as they are updated.

As always, your feedback and questions can be sent to us at Our updates for students can be found on