Jun 10, 2021

As the College makes plans for a return to campus this fall, we would like to share some updates with you so that you can prepare for next semester.  


As of this week, we are pleased to report that 90% of our employees either have been vaccinated or plan to be vaccinated by this fall, and 76% of students indicated the same. This is great news, as this high percentage of vaccination will support the safety of all of us on campus.  

If you have not yet registered to be vaccinated yet, all BC residents ages 12+ are encouraged to learn about the COVID-19 vaccines and to register to be vaccinated with BC's Get Vaccinated system, if you choose to do so. 

International students will be eligible for vaccination once they arrive in BC, and Langara Global will provide students arriving over the summer and fall with information on how to register.   

College Buildings  

The College is currently preparing classroom spaces for in-person classes to be held back-to-back. To prepare for our return to increased capacity, the campus HVAC systems are under a review by an external consultant to ensure continued safety. The review will be complete by the end of June.  

When you arrive on campus, you will also find plexiglass barriers at high traffic service counters, such as in the Bookstore, Library, IT Helpdesk, Registrar and Enrolment Services and Counselling areas; these are in place permanently for everyone’s health and safety.  

Mixed Mode Instruction and Registration  

This fall, the majority of classes will be face to face, however some classes will continue to be online or hybrid face to face/online to support student needs, so you might not find campus quite as busy as usual.  

Registration for this fall will begin on June 21, and Continuing Studies registration will start on July 21, 2021. We ask that when you register for courses, you note which courses will be on campus and which will be online to help create your schedule. Classroom space will be available for students who need to attend online classes while on campus and can be booked ahead of time through an online booking system.  

Your Input and Feedback 

Thank you to everyone who filled out our previous student surveys. Your feedback is appreciated and valuable. As the BC Restart Plan has introduced new guidelines to our planning and vaccines become even more available, we have just issued a new survey to you on June 8, 2021. If you have not already, we ask that your respond to the latest student survey to help us plan for the fall.  

Please expect more updates from us as we prepare for a safe return to campus this fall. Please note that we have a new email for questions and comments: returntocampus@langara.ca. Our updates for students can always be found archived at https://langara.ca/news-and-events/covid-19