Jan 22, 2021

Keeping Safe While Accessing Campus with your Smart Card 

The College has recently provided students who need access to campus, “smart” access cards to simplify check-in. While these cards are convenient, they also support your health and safety by creating a record for potential contact tracing. When you access campus with your swipe card, this creates a record of your presence so that you can be notified about any exposures to COVID-19, if necessary. The smart cards also protect our campus community by limiting access to students enrolled in on-campus course modules, and employees. 

We would like to remind you that you should only swipe yourself in. Please do not allow tailgaters to follow you and remember to give six feet of distance to those who may be ahead of you when you are accessing a building. Also, please ensure that you tap into every building that you visit on campus.  

Thank you for taking the time to keep yourself and others safe.  

Campus Check-In Procedures  

Before you come to campus: 

1. Complete the COVID-19 Safety Awareness Course on BrightSpace. (If you successfully completed this course in fall 2020, you do not need to retake this course for the 2021 Spring Semester, but please note: mask requirements have since changed).

2. Complete your BC Thrive daily self-assessment each day that you come to campus.   

When you are on campus: 

3. Locate your entrance. 
a. Tap your smart card at the card readers located at building entrances, OR  

b. Check in via the Health & Safety Check-in Stations located at the key entrances. Be prepared to answer health questions and present contact information for contact tracing.

Click here for more information on student smart cards. 

Snow Days 

This week’s weather forecast includes several days of possible snowfall within the Lower Mainland.  

In the event of a snow day, if campus is closed, all on-campus activities will be cancelled. If campus is closed, you will find a notification on the College’s homepage and alerts will be posted on the Langara College Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.  

Classes that occur online will continue to be delivered remotely, unless you are notified otherwise by your instructor. 

As always, your feedback and questions can be sent to us at covidquestions@langara.ca. Our updates for students can be found on langara.ca/covid.