Nov 25, 2020

The College has an agreement with TransLink to provide U-Pass BC services to eligible students. Langara students who are eligible for the U-Pass BC include:

  • Students who are assessed student union fees, and;

    • Students enrolled in an on-campus Regular Studies course, practicum, or co-op (minimum 3 credits); or
    • Students enrolled in an on-campus section of one of the following Continuing Studies programs: Registered Massage Therapy, Supply Chain and Logistics, 2D Animation and 3D Animation; or
    • Students registered in at least 3 credits of Regular Studies (not including online, Guided Independent Studies, Field School, Flexible Assessment, Excluded or Adult Basic Education / Preparatory courses).

Courses in the following programs will not count towards U-Pass BC eligibility:

  • Continuing Studies (with the exception of students in the programs listed above)

  • LEAP and LEPP Programs

  • Outgoing Exchange and Field School

  • Online, GIS, or Flexible Assessment courses

  • Excluded courses (APPL 4110)

  • Adult Basic Education / Preparatory courses (Math 1100, Math 1101, Math 1150, ENGL 1098, ENGL 1099, ENGL 1106, ENGL 1107, ENGL 1108, ENGL 1110, ENGL 1120, ENGL 1121)

Langara’s agreement with TransLink allows for students to be ineligible or exempted in very specific and limited situations. This includes:

  • Students registered in less than 3 credits

  • Students who hold a valid U-Pass BC from another post-secondary institution

  • Students who do not reside in and do not attend on-campus classes in Metro Vancouver

While the TransLink agreement permits additional "Optional Exemptions" at Langara's discretion, the number of students exempted under this category cannot exceed one percent of total eligible students according to the agreement with TransLink and is therefore reserved for very specific cases.

In the past, Langara has tried to be accommodating with opt-out requests. In the current environment, with far fewer students qualifying for U-Pass BC, we cannot continue with past practice and remain under the one percent optional exemption limit. Effective for Spring 2021, student opt-out requests will be carefully reviewed, and only approved in truly exceptional circumstances. This does mean some students who have been permitted to opt-out in the past will no longer be exempted.

An optional exemption will not be approved for the following reasons:

  • Students enrolled in a single course with on-campus classes scheduled for only one day per week

  • Students enrolled in an off campus or online coop or practicum term

  • Langara employees who are also students 

If you have any questions about your eligibility, please email