Sep 9, 2020

Activate your Computer User ID

In order to access Langara IT systems, new students need to activate their Computer User ID. This ID is used to login to many learning systems, such as off-campus file access and the online learning system Brightspace. For students that do have on-campus classes this semester, this ID will be used to access computers on campus and printing.

It is crucial that you activate your Computer User ID before your classes start and before you require access to the Langara learning systems.

Please activate your Computer User ID as soon as possible. Learn how to activate your Computer User ID.

Due to the pandemic, the IT Service Desk on campus, will remain closed for the fall semester. IT will be providing online support through the IT Knowledge base, live chat and online IT Help requests. Learn more and submit an IT Help request.

As always, your feedback and questions can be sent to us at Our latest updates for students can be found on