Sep 4, 2020

Student ID cards for fall 2020 

Due to COVID 19, new Student ID card requests will be completed online for the fall 2020 semester. New students will be able to request a student ID via this online form.  

Once the ID has been printed you will be contacted by their Langara student email which will instruct you to schedule an appointment with Student Services to pick up the ID at the Student Engagement Kiosk. Appointments are required to limit the number of students on campus at one time, and to ensure physical distancing measures. 

Please note: A student ID is a requirement for obtaining a U-Pass for eligible students. Fees for replacement or clinical IDs are being waived for September. 

Have classes on campus next week? Plan ahead.  

The College has been busy preparing for the safe delivery of essential learning on campus for Fall 2020. Guided by the Provincial Health Officer and the Guidelines for Post-Secondary, we have been planning for steps to support contract tracing and notification. For this reason, the way that you will access your classes on campus means that you must use specific entrances. 

Building Entrances for students at our W. 49th Avenue campus (Campus Map) 

  • A Building – North Entrance check-in 
  • B Building – West Entrance check-in 
  • G Building – Northeast Entrance (closest to Security) check-in 
  • L Building – South Entrance check-in 
  • T Building – Northeast Entrance check-in 

For Continuing Studies students who are attending classes at our other campuses, please note:  

  • 601 W. Broadway – Main entrance check-in 
  • Centre for Entertainment Arts – You will schedule time directly with your program lead 
  • RMT Student Clinic –  Pre-scheduled appointments only 

Once you Arrive 
When you arrive at one of these entrances, you will be greeted by one of our campus Health and Safety Heroes or Security who will ask you if you have completed your daily self-assessment via ThriveBC. They will also record the last four digits of your student number, name and phone number. Please be prepared to go through this process every time you enter a building. 

Be prepared before you arrive 

In order to make sure that your arrival through check-in is efficient, please prepare ahead: 

  • Memorize your student number  
  • Give yourself extra time to travel to campus and plan to arrive a few minutes early so that you can get checked in.  
  • Remember to take all the items that you need for class with you, and please remember to take them all out with you once you are finished for the day.  
  • Take the ThriveBC Self-Assessment the day before coming to campus. You will be asked to confirm that you’ve taken this test every time you arrive on campus.

Please note: the College has limited on-campus activities to essential duties. You may see some employees enter through other doors using their access cards. We ask that you do not follow them in as we need to track everyone who has accessed a building each day for effective contract tracing reporting.  

Watch for Health & Safety Heroes on campus 

This fall semester if you’re on campus, you will be greeted by our new team of Health & Safety Heroes – a group of students hired to help promote health and safety practices on campus, such as physical distancing and washing hands. You can find them at the check-in stations at specific entrances in each of our main buildings, where they will assist with checking you into the building by asking for your student number and photo ID as well as asking if you’ve completed the self-health check. Two Health & Safety Heroes are also dedicated to the Student Engagement Kiosk where they will be assisting IT with distributing student IDs, and ensuring students are following physical distancing measures. 

Health and Safety Training for Students 

Students who are attending on-campus courses will receive safety training within their Brightspace courses, which they will receive access to on the morning of September 8. Please plan to take Langara’s Health & Safety - COVID-19 Safety Awareness training course and companion quiz before coming to campus. All students who attend in-person classes, or accessing the campus for other reasons, such as bookstore pickup, are also expected to complete the Thrive BC Daily Symptom Checklist before arriving on campus. 

Student FAQs  

As we approach the first day of school, we would like to remind you that the College has developed some FAQs to help you. These are updated frequently, and we encourage you to visit them often. You can find the following student FAQs on the website: 

As always, your feedback and questions can be sent to us at Our latest updates for students can be found on