Visual Arts

Jeff Burgess

Painting by Jeff Burgess

Make a bold stroke with line, colour, form, and innovative design. Our wide array of Visual Arts courses boasts a full and talented roster of professional artists and teachers who will guide you to discover and refine your artistic vision. Expand your drawing techniques and sharpen your essential skills with courses like Drawing Fundamentals, Creating with Soft Pastels, and About Face: Explorations in Portraiture. Develop your painterly approach in watercolours and acrylics with exciting options like Abstract Painting and Painting with Watercolours.

As students you will bring a personal goal to the classroom. For some it will be the first time in an art studio while others will be looking to expand their repertoire and venture into new areas with different mediums. These courses are designed for all levels of artistic ability and our highly experienced instructors will work with you, practiced or beginner, to meet your highest potential.