Intro to Massage Therapy Courses

Intro to Massage Therapy Courses

Langara's 2-day Introduction to Massage course has two options to choose from:

  • face-to-face (in-person, on-campus) - at our 601 W Broadway campus.
  • remotely, on-line - taught in real time (Vancouver, BC time zone) with instructors giving direct feedback while you learn.

Learn and practice giving a basic relaxation massage using Swedish techniques. Learn to properly drape clients and use correct body mechanics. Students have two attempts to complete this course.

REGISTER by calling the CS Registration Office at 604.323.5322.

NOTE: All students must have a laptop or digital device to complete the course. For in-person classes, laptops must be brought to class on both days.

NOTE: This course involves physical activity such as lunges and partial squat positions to maintain proper body mechanics. It may not be suitable for students with physical limitations.

Requirements for the ON-LINE course include the following:

  • register a minimuim of 4 days before the course start on Saturday. Late registration not accepted
  • access to a hands-on practice client for the entire weekend. The client must give verbal video consent.
  • reliable continuous internet, and webcamera (on smart phone or tablet) with speaker capability in order to view and submit video to instructors
  • a computer/tablet or smart phone to access your account through the Langara login page in order to complete the final quiz on an on-line platform
  • access the ZOOM video program via your device

Requirements for IN-PERSON, on campus course include the following:

  • a computer laptop/tablet or smart phone required to access your account through the Langara login page in order to complete the final quiz on an on-line platform
  • NOTE: If you have an open personal injury claim, where you have been injured, additional approval documentation is required from both your Lawyer & attending Medical Doctor prior to registering for this course.
  • These professionals must confirm that participation in the Intro to Massage course, with other students practicing massage techniques on you, will not jeopardize your personal injury claim.

Please note that the Langara Intro to Massage course covers some of the questions on the RMT Program Admission Questions document.

The Intro to Massage course is one of the mandatory requirements for a complete application package to the RMT Diploma program.

The Intro to Massage course is valid for 18 months. If you apply later for the RMT Program, you can include this course with your application documents within 18 months after completion. After this time the course must be repeated. Langara accepts successful completion of a two-day Intro to Massage course from other BC RMT schools.

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Designed for those pursuing a career in massage therapy, and those with a general interest in massage. Learn how to give a basic relaxation massage in this 2-day weekend workshop. Taught by an experienced Registered Massage Therapist, you are introduced to topics such as: proper massage table set up, client draping, body mechanics and basic Swedish massage techniques.NOTE: To register, call the CS Registration Office at 604.323.5322. NOTE FOR IN-PERSON, ON-CAMPUS COURSES: Students with an open personal injury claim, where they have been injured, are advised to register for the on-line course. The in-person course is not recommended because students practicing techniques on you are inexperience. Please wait until your claim is resolved, and your health is stabilized. Please contact if you have questions.

CRN Duration Starts Time Instructor Cost Location
60226 1 wknd Sa/Su May 25, 2024 0900-1700 Dylana Elliot,
Dawn Leonard,
Clare Wheeler,
ingrid Yip
$325 CS-Broadway Campus (Map)
60227 1 wknd Sa/Su Jun 22, 2024 0900-1700 Dawn Leonard,
ingrid Yip,
Jes von Henzke
$325 CS-Broadway Campus (Map)
60228 1 wknd Sa/Su Aug 10, 2024 0900-1700 Online Dylana Elliot,
Dawn Leonard,
Jes von Henzke
$325 Online