Nursing Simulation Centre

Nursing Simulation Centre

The Langara Nursing Simulation Centre (NSC)  consists of eight different practice spaces including a large skills lab with twenty electric beds, one small practice lab, five nursing simulation suites, and a debriefing room. The combination of hands-on learning and advanced technology within the NSC provides a wide-range of simulated clinical experiences in order for students to become prepared and competent health professionals.

The Faculty of Nursing NSC vision is to foster safe, reflective discovery, shared learning experiences, and inspire the development of professional excellence. Our values are excellence, caring, respect, and professionalism.

BSN students working in Simulation Lab

The lab is a safe environment where students have the opportunity to practice problem solving and communication skills as well as develop their ability to provide the basic care and technical skills such as injections, mediciation administration, intravenous monitoring, and dressing care that are required by clients in various settings. Learning is enhanced through the use of numerous resources including task trainers and medium- and high-fidelity mannequins with heart, lung, and breath sounds.

A high-tech human patient simulator (HPS) is a computer driven human-like mannequin that brings an exceptional degree of realism. The HPS has human characteristics such as blinking, heart rate, blood pressure, respirations, and pulses and can cry, sweat, and bleed. With Nurse Educator assistance, authentic scenarios using an HPS help students enhance their assessment skills, recognize client symptoms and develop, implement, and evaluate appropriate nursing actions for real situations.

The nursing web board hosted on Brightspace is accessible on campus or from home provides numerous videos, online learning, and other useful resources that will optimize students' learning.