What our students say:

"When I first started at Langara College I was studying in the School of Commerce and Business. I took an elective in Latin American Studies and I really loved it, so I decided to get an Associate Degree in Latin American Studies instead. From there, I went on to complete a Bachelor's Degree in Latin American Studies at UBC. My goal is to go back to Japan and work for a Japanese company that aims to expand business in Latin America. Thanks to a great start at Langara, I am embarking on a career that combines my love for business and Latin America."

- Eri Kamei

"The Latin American Studies program has been the greatest experience of my post-secondary schooling. As a region known for its passionate culture so too are the instructors at Langara College in bringing their own passion for Latin America to the classroom. What started as an interesting elective on culture has turned into a complete investment into learning about global economics and the effects of socio-economic policies on all citizens.
As a prospective midwifery student, learning about foreign countries access to healthcare, financial stability and political structures has been incredibly valuable. It has inspired me to be more active in improving access to rural and maternal healthcare in hopes of affecting change here in Canada. This program is about far more than just studying Latin America; it provides a solid foundation of global economics, trade agreements, social movements, art history and expressive culture."

- Jenna Loewen

"Three years ago, I chose Latin American Studies after my first trip to Costa Rica (where my mother is from). This trip made me realize that I come from a beautiful culture and land – I wanted to learn more about it….The Latin American Studies Program has since shaped my views on the world, from politics, culture and even my identity. I have met some amazing people in this program, including the professors, and I believe I am not only a better student, but a better person as well."

- Elena Geronimo

"The program faculty of the Latin American Studies Program are incredibly knowledgeable and well versed in the history of each nation, and each incorporates their own rich personal experiences from the times they have each spent studying, exploring, archiving, volunteering and working throughout several countries in Latin America.
Indeed you will learn how the world works from understanding how Latin America has progressed throughout the centuries. But you will also understand how the strength of the indigenous peoples of those lands has endured and persisted throughout the centuries, and how many continue to flourish because of the perseverance of each generation before. 
The education that the Latin American Studies faculty have imparted to me to has directly inspired me to take my skills as a future nurse to the countries of Latin America."

- Breanna Messerschmidt