Do you have a question relating to studying Health Sciences at Langara college? Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions. You may be able to find your answers there. If you are still unable to find the answer to your question, you may email the department.If you have questions regarding courses other than Health Sciences, please contact that department. 

General questions about becoming a student at Langara can be found on the following pages:

General questions about the Health Science program

Does a HSCI diploma allow me to automatically allow me to transfer into limited enrollment Langara programs such as nursing? 

While some courses available through the Health Science program may be used as prerequisites for application to the nursing program, the focus of the two programs is different. Nursing is a clinical discipline and thus direct transfer into the nursing program is not possible. For more information on the requirements for applicants to the Langara nursing program look here.

The Health Science program does allow for transfer to Simon Fraser University's Bachelor of Health Science program.

Course and program prerequisites

Can I get an override?

Overrides for some prerequisites may be provided for students who have taken comparable prerequisites in secondary or post-secondary education. 

How do I ask for an override for a course?

If you want to ask for an override for a Health Science (HSCI) course. If you need an override and believe you meet the criteria, write to the HSCI mailbox at healthsciences@langara.ca. You MUST include your student number and any relative transcripts (high school or other post-secondary institutions).

If you want ot ask for an override for a non-HSCI course you must contact the department chair of that department.

Current students

How do I transfer from HSCI Sc stream to HSCI arts stream?

If you want to change from the HSCI science to the arts stream you will need to complete a program change form.

What happens if I don’t achieve the required grade to progress onto high level HSCI courses?

If you do not receive a sufficient grade in a required first-year course to meet the requirement of a second year HSCI course you will need to repeat the first year course until you meet the grade requirement.

How can I be successful in the Health Science program?

There are a number of things students can do increase their chances of being successful in the program including:

  • attending all classes
  • avoid distractions such as checking your phone during class
  • taking notes throughout class to emphasize important points
  • reviewing new content at the end of each day 
  • preparing for assignments and exams well in advance
  • meeting with your instructor during their office hours to discuss any challenges you may be having with the course material
  • participate in a Langara Student Success Course.

What order should I take my courses in?

While there is not requirement to take first year courses in a particular order, HSCI 1130- Foundations of Health Science provides students with a general understanding of health, epidemiology and research that can be applied to all Health Science courses. HSCI 1130 is a prerequisite for all second year HSCI courses. It is also highly recommended that students complete their English requirement in their first term as this will give them the best opportunity to succeed on written assignment in all their courses. 

I have been accepted into the Health Science program but cannot register for any courses. Why not?

Acceptance into the HSCI program does not guarentee a seat in every course. Registration times are determined by the college and popular courses may fill before your registration time is open.