Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities


The Early Childhood Education Diploma Program aims to:

  • teach the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for professional early childhood educators and childcare practitioners to provide high quality care to children from birth to school entry.
  • encourage students to develop a knowledgeable, skillful, compassionate and ethical practice to enter the field of early childhood education.
  • promote the highest standards of respect, care and support to children and their families and communities affiliated with the education and welfare of young children.

The Early Childhood Education: Special Education Post Basic Citation Program aims to:

  • teach students the knowledge, attitudes and skills required by early childhood educators to plan quality programs for and work effectively with children who have diverse needs.
  • prepare students to work with interdisciplinary team approaches to childcare, guidance and education.
  • develop the student’s role as an early childhood educator in inclusive early childhood centres with the goal of providing quality programs that meet the needs of all children.
  • empower students to advocate for the support of children with diverse needs.


Upon successful completion of the Early Childhood Education Program, graduates are able to:

    • observe, plan, implement, and evaluate creative learning environments for young children.
    • develop nurturing environments that foster early learning and development of young children.
    • use developmentally appropriate practices when working with all children.
    • guide children’s behavior in an individual and positive manner.
    • adopt an anti-bias approach to work in ways that enhance human dignity.
    • promote the health and well-being of all children.
    • work in partnership with parents and families and colleagues in supporting them in meeting their responsibilities to their children.
    • parent participation pre-schools
    • private preschools and kindergartens
    • profit and non-profit childcare centres
    • inclusive childcare centres and preschools
    • family daycares
    • other child-minding services

Program Graduates Succeed

There is an ever-increasing demand for well-qualified early childhood educators and caregivers. As public awareness of the importance of the early years grows, early childhood educators are beginning to receive the professional recognition and appropriate remuneration for the role they play in the care and education of young children.

There are many opportunities for graduates of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program, including employment in:

Early childhood educators and caregivers work and support a diverse population.

People who work as early childhood educators and caregivers (ECEC) work closely with families so that the young children in their childcare settings receive the best quality, support, care and education. Many different families and their children walk through the doors of a childcare centre, so early childhood educators and caregivers must learn to develop a wide knowledge base, implement an assortment of skills, and possess an open attitude towards others. Early childhood educators and caregivers carefully observe children in order to plan appropriate activities and discuss their progress with parents and other professionals.

Early Childhood Educators and Caregivers use care and play to support children to develop their social, creative, cognitive and physical skills.

In order to carry out this important profession early childhood educators and caregivers employ a broad knowledge base to help children grow and develop. Early childhood educators and caregivers are nurturing individuals who facilitate the overall development of young children by planning and implementing playful learning activities, telling stories, singing songs, and supervising outdoor play.

Early Childhood Educators and Caregivers work in a variety of dynamic child-centred settings.

There is a growing demand for highly trained early childhood educators and caregivers. Employment opportunities exist in childcare centres, parent participation preschools, inclusive childcare centres, family childcare, family places, neighborhood houses and community centres. Education opportunities for in the Early Childhood Profession increase with further education and experience. Students may find careers as licensing officers, consultants or college instructors, after completion of advanced degrees.