Program Curriculum

Program Curriculum

LPNs admitted to the Advanced Entry BSN will complete Biology 2192 and then enter term three of the BSN program. Orientation to the BSN will be provided by the School of Nursing in order to ensure that the students understand the curriculum and several BSN program elements that are specific to the Langara program.

Total Credits: 3

Courses Credits
All of
BIOL 2192 Health Science III: Pathophysiology I

Lecture Hours: 3.0 | Seminar: 1.0 | Lab: 0.0

This course is the first of a series of three on human disease. Participants will have an opportunity to develop a knowledge base in pathophysiology. It focuses on general principles and mechanisms which are then applied to a system by system survey of disease conditions. This course begins with an examination of the cellular basis of disease manifestations. It also considers epidemiological patterns and the basis of therapeutic approaches.Registration in this course is restricted to students admitted to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.Prerequisite(s): A minimum "C+" grade in BIOL 1191; and an "S" grade in NURS 1163.

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3 Credits

Program Option Notes:

After successful completion of BIOL 2192, students will follow the BSN curriculum beginning in Term Three through Term Nine.

Student Maintenance of Standing Requirements

Students are responsible for their maintenance of standing while enrolled in the Langara College Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or in the Advanced Entry BSN.

Students enrolled in the BSN or the Advanced Entry BSN are advised that progression in both programs requires all students to maintain a 2.33 cumulative GPA with no grade lower than "C+" for all program courses.

Students enrolled in the BSN or the Advanced Entry BSN may not register for any program course more than twice.

All students when enrolled in their first year of the BSN or the Advanced Entry BSN receive a copy of the Langara College School of Nursing Student Handbook which outline specific policies and procedures, including attendance, conduct, dress, evaluation, and progression guidelines.

If students have specific questions related to the contents in the handbook, they may contact the student coordinator for the School of Nursing.