New Printers on Campus

The printers on campus have been upgraded to new Ricoh multifunctional devices! This means that students can now print, copy and scan at any student printer. Please note that printing charges will return as of Monday, August 24.

All college lab computers can send print jobs to any student printer on campus. Students send their printing to the following printing queues:

  • Student-Black-White-Printer
  • Student-Colour-Printer

To release your printing, go to a black and white or colour printer (locations below), and log in directly to the printer with your Computer User ID and password. Detailed guides for the printers can be seen below. 

How to Print Guides for the Printers

Students now login to the printers directly with your Computer User ID and password, instead of using a printing release station. Please review the guides below for more information.


  • Print jobs will be kept in the queue for 24 hours. All print jobs will be deleted after this time.
  • Jobs are printed only after the user arrives at the printer and confirms their identity. This ensures the user is present to collect their job and other users can't "accidentally" collect the document.
  • Any print job sent to Student-Black-White-Printer can be printed at any B/W printer in any of the rooms listed below.
  • Any print job sent to Student-Colour-Printer can be printed at any colour printer in any of the rooms listed below.
Locations Printer, Copier & Scanner Locations

Printers may be found in the following locations:

Type Room
Black/White Laser Printer Outside of A217, B017c, G109a, L109, L112, L115
Colour Laser Printer Outside of A217, L109, L115

Note: All student printers listed above can print, copy and scan

Cost Costs for Printing, Copying & Scanning

You can credit to your printing account at the circulation desk in the Library or by buying a myprint voucher from the Bookstore and adding it to your account.

ServicePaper SizeTypeCost
Printing (Student-Black-White-Printer) 8½"x11" (Letter) Black/white 10¢ or 15¢ double-sided*
Printing (Student-Colour-Printer) 8½"x11" (Letter) Colour 30¢ or 45¢ double-sided*
Copying 8½"x11" (Letter) Black/white 10¢ or 15¢ double-sided*
Copying 8½"x11" (Letter) Colour 30¢ or 45¢ double-sided*
Scanning 8½"x11" (Letter) Black/white & Colour 5¢ per scan*
*Price may change.

There are two ways to add credit to your printing account:

  • Visit the Library Circulation Desk and purchase credit for your account


  • Purchase a myPrint Voucher from the Bookstore and manually add it to your myPrint account. (Instructions below)


Instructions for adding a printing voucher to your account that was purchased form the Bookstore:

  1. Log in to a lab computer. Go to with a web browser and log in using your Computer User ID.
  2. Once you log in, enter the myPrint voucher number exactly as shown including any dashes. Click Redeem Card. The value of the voucher will immediately be added to your account balance.
  3. From the left menu, click Summary and confirm that the myPrint voucher's value has been added to your account.
  4. From the left menu, click logout

Note: Each voucher has a unique number. Please make sure your voucher number is kept secret.

Can I send a print job from a lab and have it print in another building?

  • Any print job sent to Student-Black-White-Printer can be printed at any printer.
  • Any print job sent to Student-Colour-Printer can only be printed at any colour printer.

When I send a print job to the queue, how long do I have to print it out?
Print jobs for staff and students are kept in the queue for 24 hours before being automatically deleted from the system.

What sizes of paper are supported?
Currently only 8½"x11" (Letter) is supported.

Is legal size printing available?
Generally no shared devices have legal sized printing. 

Can I print from my personal laptop?
No. Only Langara PC or Mac workstations can access/install shared printer queues on campus. 

Can I print from a USB flash drive?
No, as a necessary security measure, the College decided to have USB printing disabled on the new printers.

Can I print if I am connected to Langara wireless networks?
At this time printing is not supported on wireless networks. We are in the process of working towards enabling this in the future.

What is PaperCut?
PaperCut is the software used in the new MFDs. To become familiar with the new software, please review the training materials.

Where can I get support for printing issues?
Check the Knowledgebase for support articles on a variety of topics. If your particular issue is not covered, submit a ticket via Ask IT or chat with a technician live at