Supply Chain and Logistics Post-Degree Diploma

Program information

  • Length of program: Two-year fulltime program (including one term of work-placement)
  • Program Intakes: May 2022 - waitlisted, Sep 2022 - waitlisted, Jan 2023 - opens Feb 1, 2022
  • Langara Credential: Post-Degree Diploma from Langara College Continuing Studies
  • Additional designations that may be obtained through this program:
    • Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) Certificate accreditation - requires sucessful completion of CIFFA exams
    • Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) designation course equivalencies for completed courses
  • Courses: Includes 827 in-class study hours, 21 required courses (ranging from 18 to 50 hours each)

Work Placement
Program includes a required work-placement term:

  • work placement position to be provided by Langara
  • supervised by supply-chain management employer
  • this an UNPAID training position
  • 8-10 weeks in one term, with about 20 hours per week at employer’s company

Program Overview
The program provides an intensive understanding of global supply chains. Students will learn from professionals in the field about sourcing, procurement, coordination, strategic management, materials management, and the delivery of goods and services, among other topics.

Distribution centre 
The program curriculum provides students with a combination of specialized supply-chain training and professional business-management studies. The curriculum addresses the core knowledge areas of supply-chain management at a professional practitioner level, and adds a term of supporting business-studies courses in related areas (finance and accounting, marketing, human resources and business management) to develop our graduates' management skills.

Overview of Study Areas and Courses
Courses are to be taken over two years of study, corresponding to the terms of the academic year at Lanagara College. Scheduling to be announced before each semester of study. All of the courses are required for completion of the program. 

Introduction to Supply Chain & Logistics Courses

  • Introduction to Logistics and Transportation
  • Introduction to Purchasing
  • Security, Compliance & Loss Prevention
  • Professional Purchasing
  • Introduction to Contract Law

Supply Chain Purchasing & Inventory Management Courses

  • Introduction to Operations Management
  • Negotiations and Supplier Management
  • Inventory Control and Materials Management
  • International Transportation and Trade

Supply Chain Transportation Courses

  • Essentials of Freight Forwarding (CIFFA designation)
  • Customs Issues and Procedures (CIFFA designation)
  • Supply-Chain Career Management

Business Studies Courses

  • Financial Accounting 1 - Part 1
  • Economics - Micro & Macro
  • Business Communications
  • Human Resources Management
  • Negotiation & Dispute Resolution
  • Marketing Skills for Managers
  • Microsoft Office
  • Project Supervision
  • Intercultural Strategies for Business

Course Information

Courses are scheduled mainly on weekdays (9:00am-6:30pm) with a few evening courses in each intake (6:30-9:30 pm). 

The program does not have elective courses. All of the courses listed in the program description are required for completion of the program. 

Students who are admitted into the program do not have to register into their courses online. Students are automatically regsitered into their required courses in each term. Students will receive a finalized course schedule about six weeks before the start of term.

Exemption of previously completed coursework is allowed only for designated courses that were taken at Langara College. All course exemptions are subject to review by CS staff members. Transfer of courses from other colleges and universities is not permitted for this program.

Grade Requirement

In order to progress in the program, students must achieve a minimum C+ or 65% grade in all courses. Students unable to meet this minimum will not be permitted to advance to the next course. A Satisfactory (S) grade is required in the Supply Chain & Logistics – Workplace Practicum (SCLP 1401) course.  

NOTE: In the two Regular Studies (RS) courses required for the program, Operations Management (BUSM 4810) and Employment Strategies for the Current Labour Market (EXPE 2300), students must achieve a minimum C or 60% grade. Students who plan to apply for the CIFFA certificate will be required to meet CIFFA’s 70% course minimum requirement.