This program provides graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully enter private practice as a Professional Bookkeeper or fulfill the requirements of an Accounting Clerk/Bookkeeper position within a company.

The courses provide a thorough understanding of the technical knowledge and applications of general bookkeeping principles. Students progress through introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels of bookkeeping. Courses may be taken in any order provided the prerequisites are met.

Core Courses (111 hours, 11.1 CEUs)

  • Bookkeeping - Level 1 (21 hours, 2.1 CEUs)
  • Bookkeeping - Level 2 (18 hours, 1.8 CEUs)
  • Business Communications (36 hours, 3.6 CEUs)
  • Microsoft Office (36 hours, 3.6 CEUs)

Group 1 Elective Courses (minimum 36 hours, 3.6 CEUs)

  • Sage 50-1 (18 hours, 1.8 CEUs)
  • Sage 50-2 (18 hours, 1.8 CEUs)
  • Sage 300-1 (18 hours, 1.8 CEUs)
  • Sage 300-2 (18 hours, 1.8 CEUs)
  • Quickbooks 1 (18 hours, 1.8 CEUs)
  • Quickbooks 2 (18 hours, 1.8 CEUs)

Group 2 Elective Courses (minimum 36 hours, 3.6 CEUs)

  • Cost Management for Bookkeepers (18 hours, 1.8 CEUs)
  • Income Tax for Bookkeepers (21 hours, 2.1 CEUs)
  • Payroll Administration (21 hours, 2.1 CEUs)

Credential Eligibility

To qualify for the certification, students must complete 186 hours of course work. Successful completion of all the required courses with a minimum C+ grade in each course is required. All requirements must be completed within four years of starting the program. Students can complete the program as quick as one year. 

Courses may be taken individually as long as individual course prerequisites are met. Students completing the certificate do not need to apply to the program as registration is by course. There are no academic requirements for students to start the program. 

Students who began the program prior to September 2022 will have until August 2026 to receive a certificate credential. Students who began the program September 2022 onwards will receive a short certificate credential.

Prior Education Assessment
Effective December 1, 2019, only Business Communications and Microsoft Office are eligible for exemptions towards the Professional Bookkeeper Certificate. All other program requirements must be completed at Langara Continuing Studies. Students who completed previous course work and would like to have those courses approved for prerequisites or exemptions towards the short certificate must provide documents in the form of official transcripts before registration along with a completed Exemption/Prerequisite Approval Form.