Proctored Exam

Proctored Exam

All final exams are scheduled to be written in-person at the Langara Main Campus regardless of the course delivery method. However, students who reside outside of Metro Vancouver may use exam proctor instead of traveling to Langara to write the exam. It will be the student’s responsibility to search, arrange, and pay any costs associated with the proctored exam.

Proctored exam procedure for students:

  1. At the beginning of the course, student will need to notify the program coordinator ( and the course instructor that an exam proctor will be used.
  2. Begin research and arrange for exam proctor as soon as possible.

Important note: The proctored exam should be scheduled for the same date and time as the original in-person exam. Acceptable proctors are normally found in local educational institutions and libraries, and you are advised to begin the proctor search as soon as possible to secure a proctor for your exam date.

  1. Student and the proctor will need to fill out the Exam Proctor form and email it to the program coordinator ( and course instructor at least two weeks in advance of the exam.

Note: You will need to receive confirmation/approval from the program coordinator following submission of the Exam proctor form.

Exam notes for proctors:

In efforts to ensure student academic integrity and confidentiality of the exam content, confirmed proctors are asked to follow the guidelines below:

  • Check ID of student before start of exam.
  • Keep all exam documents confidential until the time of exam.
  • Do not make additional copies of the exam other than for student to write at the scheduled date.
  • Ensure that all exam-related documents be confidentially shredded after the course instructor or the program coordinator confirmed to have received the written exam attachment by email.