CAFM Designation

CAFM Designation

AFOA Canada
Langara Continuing Studies courses are recognized by AFOA Canada towards their Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager (CAFM) designation. AFOA Canada is a not-for-profit association helping Indigenous people better manage and govern their communities and organizations through a focus on enhancing management, finance and governance practices and skills. The CAFM designation is the only designation for Indigenous finance and management positions in Canada.

Students who are pursuing CAFM designation can complete most of the required courses through Langara Continuing Studies. Specific Indigenous content courses must be completed online through AFOA Canada. Students must then pass a certification exam and must have obtained two-years’ work experience in an Indigenous context.

For more information, visit the AFOA website.

CAFM Education Program

Langara Continuing Studies Courses

CAFM 1 Introductory Financial Accounting

BSAD 1084 and BSAD 1085

CAFM 2 Business Communications

GBSC 1004

CAFM 3 Indigenous Law or Business Law

BSAD 1005

CAFM 4 Indigenous Strategy & Decisions

Completed through AFOA Canada

CAFM 5 Intermediate Financial Reporting 1

BSAD 1086

CAFM 6 Indigenous History & Developments

Completed through AFOA Canada

CAFM 7 Intermediate Financial Reporting 2

BSAD 2088

CAFM 8 Information Technology

BSAD 1090

CAFM 9 Introductory Management Accounting

BSAD 1087

CAFM 10 Corporate Finance & Fundamentals

BSAD 1089 and BSAD 2089

CAFM 11 Audit & Assurance

BSAD 1064

CAFM 12 Ethics and Workplace Skills

Completed through AFOA Canada

CAFM 13 Indigenous Ethics Case Study

Completed through AFOA Canada

CAFM 14 Indigenous Human & Fiscal Issues

Completed through AFOA Canada

SAGE Accounting Software Application Module

CSFW 1000 and CSFW 2001