What is LEAP?

LEAP is an intensive English program designed to improve students' English and academic skills. It is not a general English program. Academic skills are emphasized at all levels of the program. The majority of the students enrolled in the program are planning to attend a North American college or university once they complete their studies in LEAP.

What are the benefits to studying in LEAP?

You will develop the academic skills needed to succeed in a North American college or university, while improving your English.

How long do I need to study in LEAP?

The answer depends on your level of English when you start LEAP and what level you want your English to be when you finish LEAP. Most students study in the program for 4 - 6 sessions; that is, 8 - 12 months.

How many levels are there in LEAP?

There are nine levels in the LEAP Program, from beginner to advanced, bridging to post-secondary. There are three levels at the Foundation Levels: LEAP Basics, LEAP 1, and LEAP 2; and there are six levels at the Academic Preparation Levels: LEAP 3 - LEAP 8. Each session is seven weeks.

How do I progress to the next level?

Progress is based on performace, graded coursework, and final exams. Your final grade determines whether or not you can progress to the next level. In order to meet the goals of each level, you must be prepared to do approximately 10-20 hours of homework each week.

Can I study at Langara College after I finish my LEAP studies?

Yes. Successful completion of LEAP 8 meets the English Language Proficiency requirement for international students into the Arts & Science (university transfer) Program at Langara College. LEAP 8 also meets the pre-requisite for entry into college credit English (English 1107).