Domestic Students

Domestic Students

As of September 2017, the course fee is paid through government funding.    

Admission Requirements

  • Successful completion of BC Grade 12 (or equivalent)
  • 19 years of age (or older)

Current Updates
We are currently accepting domestic student applications for the June 24, 2020 LEAP session.

At this time, LEAP classes are being delivered remotely (i.e., online and not on campus) to ensure physical distancing measures put in place by the Public Health Agency of Canada are being met.

Students wishing to apply and register for the LEAP session beginning June 24, 2020 must be able to participate in their LEAP classes remotely and have access to the following technology:

  • Stable and secure high-speed internet connection (Wifi recommended)
  • Computer, laptop, or tablet
  • Keyboard or equivalent (e.g speech to text input) for text entry
  • Webcam or camera on your devices
  • Microphone, either built in or external (e.g earbuds, headset)
  • Zoom video conferencing

The LEAP office at Langara is closed at this time. Please contact for detailed application procedures. We will be happy to answer your questions via email or video conferencing. 

Financial Aid

Additional funding may be available through the Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG). AUG is intended to support learners most in need with financial assistance for fees, books, unsubsidized childcare, and transportation. For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office by email at or by phone at 604-323-5376.

Refund, Cancellation, and Deferral Policy

Students must complete the session in which they register. Withdrawing from a session may impact their eligibility to register for future sessions. 

If a student needs to defer to a future session or cancel their registration, they must notify the LEAP office one month before the current session start date so that full funding can be reversed. Failure to cancel registration in a timely manner may impact a student's eligibility to register for future sessions.