Latest Updates List of new and revised policies and procedures

Updates for June 25, 2024:

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Policies in Progress or For Review List of policy development work in progress

Policies for Review and Feedback as of July 8, 2024:

Sponsored by Vice-President, Administration and Finance and Provost and Vice-President, Academic


Policies in Progress as of November 1, 2023:

  • D6001 - Educational Benefits Program (Revision). Sponsored by Vice-President, People and Culture
  • B1001 - Conducting Investigations (Revision). Sponsored by Vice-President, People and Culture
  • E1005 - Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities (formerly Services for Students with Disabilities) (Revision). Sponsored by Associate Vice-President, Students.
  • G1005 - Flag Display (NEW). Sponsored by Associate Vice-President, External Relations.