A policy is a guiding principle or standard used to set direction and conduct. A procedure outlines a series of steps and actions that need to be followed in order to accomplish the policy and will be delineated in a separate document. Together they can be used to define and implement the standards and goals of Langara by ensuring compliance, enhancing the College Mission, providing structure for decision-making and reducing institutional risk.

Policy Procedure

Provides guidance for strategic thinking or a general standard of behaviour.

Provides a course of action to support the effective implementation of legislation and policies.

Outlines provisions that prescribe general standards of behaviour or an overarching approach to an issue.

Outlines provisions that describe the activities that need to be undertaken and identifies the positions of responsibility.

Outlines a general position.

Outlines the implementation of a institutional position.

Statements of What and Why.

Statements of How, When, Who (and sometimes Why).

Content is not subject to frequent change.

Content will change frequently as processes are updated to maintain currency and efficiency.

The Board of Governors, Education Council, and Executive Leadership Team are responsible for the development of new policies within the scope of their authority or portfolio.  They may delegate this responsibility, but a policy may only be developed with their approval.

Responsibility for approving the initiation of policy revisions rests with the governing body or applicable Executive Leadership Team member.  The College Policy Governance Committee may recommend Administrative policy revisions to the Executive Leadership Team.  At a minimum, a policy will be reviewed every three years.

Approval Process for Board of Governors Policies

Policies drafted by or for the Board of Governors are deemed “Board" policies.  Once final, the President will present the draft policy to the Board of Governors for approval.

Approval Process for Education Council Policies

Policies that relate specifically to the powers authorized by the College and Institute Act (section 24.2) are deemed “Education Council" policies.  Any member of Education Council may initiate an Education Council policy with the Council Chair's approval.  Members will draft all Education Council policies in consultation with appropriate internal departments and external stakeholders.  Once developed, members will forward draft policies to the Policy Officer to be reviewed for compliance with respect to structure, clarity, and consistency with legislation and other College policies.  Members will then forward policies to the Academic Planning and Priorities Committee (APPC) for review.

Members will submit the policy and a completed EDCO10 Academic Policy form to the Education Council Department Assistant for presentation to Education Council for approval.

Approval Process for Administrative Policies

Policies that relate to the administration/operation of the College may be initiated by any member of the College community with the approval of their respective Executive Leadership Team member.  All Administrative policies will be drafted in consultation with appropriate internal community stakeholders.  Once developed, authors will forward draft policies to the Policy Officer to be reviewed for compliance with respect to structure, clarity, and consistency with legislation and other College policies.  Draft policies will then be presented to the College Policy Governance Committee for review and feedback.  The Langara Leadership Team (LLT) will review and provide additional feedback on all draft policies.  Once finalized, policies will be reviewed by the Executive Leadership Team before they are presented at Langara Council and recommended for approval by the President. 

Communication / Record-keeping

Upon final approval by the Board, the Executive Assistant to the Board will post Board policies to the College's website and retain a signed paper copy of approved policies for the official records.

The Policy Officer will post and retain paper copies of policies approved by the President or Education Council, and will share them with the College community through notices in Langara Post.

Policy Development Process Flow Chart

Policy Development Checklist