External Awards

The awards listed on this page may be open to all students in any program or they may be restricted to students in specific programs, regions of the country and beyond, courses, terms, or fields of study.

BC Scholarship Society

Indigenous Awards

One World International Scholarships

Premier's International

Transition Awards (for Adult Basic Education students)

Transfer Scholarships

Women in Technology Scholarships

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CICan Paul and Gerri Charette Bursary Program

Indigenous Students

Lotus Light Charity Society Scholarship

Students with Disabilities

SWAAC Student Leadership Award

The Flywire Charitable Foundation Scholarships

Of Special Interest

These websites offer comprehensive lists of bursaries and scholarships for most full and part-time students over the age of 16. For inquiry and application for awards on these sites, students must contact the listing agency directly.


yconic.com (formerly StudentAwards.com)

AbbVie IBD Scholarship 

AFABC Youth Bursary

Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians (AEBC) Scholarship 

BC Aboriginal Teacher Education Awards

BC Arts Council Scholarship

BC Tech Scholarships

BCEIA Scholarships  

BCSA Study Abroad Scholarships and Awards

BMO Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

Canadian Federation of University Women Parksville Qualicum (CFUW PQ) Scholarships and Bursaries

Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Scholarship Program

Canadian Mental Health Association – Scholarships and Bursaries

CSA Group Undergraduate Research Scholarship

Dream Fund Bursary (for youth in care or former youth in care in BC)

Eagle View Indigenous Student Bursary

Ellen Bell YMCA Memorial Scholarship

Export Development Canada International Business Scholarships

Export Development Canada Scholarships 

Fine Arts Bursary (FAB) Award

Howard Legacy Youth Fund

HSBC National Transformation Project Bursary

International Entrance Awards

James Foundation Scholarship

Janice Lee Blue Wave Youth Bursary

Jean Ip Foundation Scholarship Program

Job Applications Working Parent College Scholarship Program

Joint Diversity Scholarship

Kwi Am Choi Exhibition Scholarship

Lisa Huus Bursary

Looking Glass Scholarship

Lorne Fraser Educational Bursary

Lorne Fraser Educational Scholarships for Mental Health Promotion

MAE Indigenous Education Fund

Marketing Education Scholarship Fund

Mon Sheong Foundation Golden Jubilee Scholarship Award

NEADS Accessibility Resilience Program – Accessibility Relief Grants for Disabled Post-Secondary Students

NEADS National Student Awards Program

Nora's Nursery Scholarship Program

Price McIntosh Bursary

Prospera Credit Union Bursaries and Grants

Public Guardian and Trustee (PGT) Educational Assistance Fund

Sara Gaulin Memorial Scholarship

Storwell Self Storage Foster Children Bursary

The Susan and Steven Rubin Educational Scholarship Fund

Youth Education Bursary