Continuing Studies Fees

Visit the Continuing Studies for the most current course and fee information.

Fee Payment Options:

Credit Cards are not accepted for payment for Domestic tuition fees. Tuition and related fees for Domestic students can be paid in the following ways:

1. Online Banking: Through your Financial Institution’s website or smartphone banking app, please select Langara College as a payee through the Bill Payment screen, and use your 9 digit Langara Identification number as your account number.  For your convenience, we have included links for direct access.

If you do not see your financial institution listed above, please contact them directly to see if Langara College is available for online bill payments.

2. Interac Online: (Visa debit is not supported). You can do this by visiting Langara's login page:

    • Click on Registration
    • Account Balance and Payments
    • Select the appropriate semester
    • Enter the Payment Amount
    • Select Submit Payment

3. COVID-19 Update: As of March 19, the Student Accounts Office is closed until further notice. Students are encouraged to pay using one of the two options above. Please do not drop off cheques in the drop box – these will not be received. Email us at or call 604.323.5278 or 604.323.5537 during our hours of operation with any questions you may have.


Domestic Student Fees & Tuition

All Fees are in Canadian Dollars. Fees are subject to change.

Please see our Cost of Study at Langara College tool for more information.

Due upon Application:

Fee Amount
Application for Admission Fee (all programs)* $40.00

* The Application Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Due upon Registration:

Fee Rate (Effective May 1, 2020) Rate (Effective May 1, 2021)
Tuition Fees (per credit) for courses with numbers starting with a '1' or '2' $101.41 $103.44
Tuition Fees (per credit) for courses with numbers starting with a '3' or '4' $131.90 $134.54
Tuition Fees (per credit) for GERO 1400, 2315, 2400, and 2415; and SSRV 2000, and 2001 $194.56 $198.45
Tuition Fees (per credit) for Post-Degree Diploma in Accounting, Business Administration, Data Analytics, Marketing Management, or Web and Mobile App Design and Development courses (including EXPE 4000 series courses and COOP 4800) $226.34 $230.87
Tuition Fees (per credit) for Post-Degree Diploma in Applied Planning courses $202.40 $206.45
Tuition Fees (per semester) for Post-Degree Diploma in Nursing Practice in Canada $6,250.00 $6,250.00
Tuition Fees (per semester) for Post-Degree Certificate in Nursing Leadership and Management Discontinued by EdCo Discontinued by EdCo
Capital Building Legacy Fund † $36.47 $36.47
Langara Students' Union (LSU) Basic Fee* $15.13 $15.13
Langara Students' Union (LSU) Basic Fee (per credit)* $2.51 $2.51
Langara Students' Union (LSU) Capital Trust Fund Fee (per credit)* $3.00 $3.00
Langara Students' Union (LSU) International Communities Development Fund (per semester)* $1.20 $1.20
Langara Students' Union (LSU) Bursary Fund Fee (per credit)* $0.75 $0.75
Langara Students' Union (LSU) Member Relations and Outreach Fund Fee (per credit)* $1.98 $1.98
Langara Students' Union (LSU) Health Dental Plan ‡ $244.40 $244.40
U-Pass Program ‡‡ $170.00 $173.40
Material/Lab Fees - Fee information is included in the course listing of the current Semester Course Schedule Vary Vary

NOTES: Tuition fees per credit are applied to courses taken on a credit or non-credit (audit) basis. Some programs have a maximum tuition fee limit equal to 18 credits per semester.

All fees must be paid to Langara College by the fee payment deadline or you will be dropped from all courses. See Fee Payment Deadlines.

Effective September 1, 2017, the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training has reinstated a tuition-free policy for domestic students accessing Adult Basic Education and English as a Second Language programs in the public post-secondary system.  

*Langara Students' Union Fees were amended by the LSU for Spring 2018 and subsequent semesters.

† The Capital Building Legacy Fund was created to address Langara College's ongoing requirement for facilities that support and enhance the provision of educational services for learners. This Fund supports capital projects designed to directly enhance the quality of the learning experience for Langara College students, and all monies are held in a separate fund with College Board approval required for expenditure.

‡ All full-time students (i.e., students enrolled in nine or more credits) who are registered in the Fall Semester and who are members of the LSU are automatically covered by the LSU Health & Dental Plan and charged for the coverage.This fee is charged only in the Fall Semester. Part-time students and students beginning their studies in another semester are not automatically covered, but can enrol themselves by contacting

If you opt out, you will be reimbursed the full Plan fee by cheque. Be sure to opt out early.

For further information, please visit or call 1.866.369.8796.

‡‡ Please refer to the U-Pass webpage for further information.

Registration on a Non-Credit (Audit) Basis - Regular Studies

Students wishing to audit a course must submit their request in writing to (Attn: Supervisor, Records & Registration) indicating the course name(s), section, and student information prior to the first day of classes. Audit registration is not guaranteed as it is only applicable to courses in which there are seats available, after the registration period has ended. For this reason, students must not register themselves into the course directly. Registration will be handled by Registrar and Enrolment Services. Cancellation of request must be received prior to registration.

Students must be admitted to the College prior to requesting an audit; please review the admission information here. Please ensure that you meet the prerequisite and program requirement for registration prior to submitting your request.

Once registered, the College will not permit students to change from a non-credit to a credit basis or from a credit to a non-credit basis for any reason. The course name and number will be noted on a student’s record with the symbol (*) indicating the course was taken on a non-credit, ungraded basis. Tuition and fees for non-credit registration are the same as for-credit registration.

Senior Citizen Tuition Fee Exemption - Regular Studies

Exemption from payment of tuition fees (all other fees, e.g., Students' Union, materials, UPass, etc., must be paid) is available to residents of BC who are 65 years of age or older. This fee exemption is applicable to courses in which there are seats available after registration has been completed. Senior citizens who wish to ensure registration in a specific course may do so by registering and paying in the same manner as a regular student.

Any senior citizen wishing to register with the tuition fee exemption must write a letter to the Registrar and Enrolment Services office (Attn: Supervisor, Records and Registration) indicating the course(s) and section(s) into which they wish to register, prior to the first day of classes. Students requesting senior tuition exemption status for a course must not register themselves into the course directly. Tuition exemption registration is not guaranteed as it is only applicable to courses in which there are seats available, after the registration period has ended.

Fee Receipts - T2202A Certificates (Tuition and Education Amounts)

T2202A Certificates for the previous calendar year are available for viewing and printing through Langara's login page.