Q. Do I have to complete all the admission requirements listed before I apply?
A. No. Apply as soon as possible. You can complete your admission requirements after you apply. The College will inform through your account (accessible at the Langara login page) about what you need to submit to complete your application after you apply.

Q. What are the fees?
A. Please check the Costs of Study Tool located on the department's web page for a complete list of all the costs.  You need to also calculate costs for books (approximately $500-$600 each term). Costs will be less if you have already completed the English and Psychology courses. Fees are capped for the Social Service Worker Program at 18 credits per semester.

Q. How can I get help to pay the costs? 
A. You can apply for a BC student loan online and there are a number of scholarships and bursaries available to students enrolled in the Social Service Worker Program. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at 604-323-5376 for more information.

Q. I noticed that I need to complete 60 hours of volunteer work in order to fulfill one of the admission requirements to be admitted to the program. Where can I volunteer? 
A. You can volunteer at any social or health service agency in which you are able to have contact with people who are using the service. You need to complete the 60 hours which should be documented by your Agency Supervisor or Coordinator prior to registering in the program. If you want some suggestions of where to volunteer you can contact GoVolunteer online.

Q. I have taken courses at another college or university. Will they count towards my certificate? 
A. They may satisfy some of the requirements for the Social Service Worker Certificate or for the Coordinated Diploma. You will need to have them assessed by applying to have them transferred into the College. You can click on "Student Forms" on the bottom of this page to locate the Transfer Credit Request Form.

Q. Do the courses I take in the program transfer to a Bachelor of Social Work Degree at a University? 
A. The English and Psychology courses all are university-transferable. Some of the core Social Service Worker courses may transfer, but you need to check with the individual university to determine what is transferable to that particular institution. If you successfully complete the Certificate Program you will automatically have transfer credit for Social Work 200A and 200B and/or for Social Work 200 and 201, courses required by all universities offering BSW degrees in B.C.

Q. What courses will I be taking in the program? 
A. Of the core courses in the program, about half are experiential and half are traditional academic courses. The workload will vary depending on the course but is fairly manageable if you maintain good attendance in your courses. For more information, you may view the program and/or courses.

Q. I have a disability. Will this prevent me from taking the program? 
A. If you register with Disability Services at Langara College (you can reach them at 604-323-5509) we will try to accommodate your needs within the program. Students with a disability may choose to take the program over a two-year period instead of the 9-month period.