Second Year Physics

Second Year Physics

Langara regularly offers four second-year courses. Successfully completing these courses fulfills the physics requirement for the Associate of Science Degree in Physics and includes all but one of the second year courses of the Physics Major Program at UBC.

There are plenty of reasons to study at Langara for the second year of your studies. A few include:

  • Smaller class sizes mean more support from your instructors
  • Dedicated instructors whose only focus is on teaching and helping students
  • Lower tuition fees than universities to save you money

If you are a student from another college or university:
Did you know that even if you are attending another college or university, you are eligible to take Physics courses at Langara? Not only will you save money on tuition, but it's a great opportunity to upgrade your courses if you haven't done so well in the past semester, and all courses are transferable.

Current course offerings include:

FALL 2013


*Note: All courses are university-transferable. PHYS 2309 and PHYS 2409 must both be completed to transfer to UBC.

Why a Physics Degree?:
Physics research has resulted in remarkable technological advances in medicine, communication, computers, transportation, energy, and so many other fields. Physicists have harnessed nuclear energy, discovered superconductivity, invented the laser, and produced the world-wide web. Beyond research, a physics degree provides great training for problem-solving, useful in many different careers. For profiles of physicists working in a variety of different careers, check out this Canadian Association of Physicists page.

For more information, please contact Terry Coates.