Eve Lazarus Award-winning writer of Vancouver history books and former Vancouver Sun reporter.

"I hit the ground running, I knew what I had to do and I had the confidence to do it."

"What I have learned is that if you can tell a good story, if you can find a good story, no matter what the changes are happening in this industry people will never be tired of reading or hearing good story-telling. I was in the class of '92, it was way before digital photography and we didn't have the equipment that the current students have now but we did have the great experience of journalism being taught by people who knew the industry."

Chris Richards Lead social-media strategist, Vancouver International Airport

"If you're passionate about writing and you really think journalism is important don't let anyone else's opinion of the field or the negative things people will say about salary and opportunity deter you."

"I really enjoyed my time here. It wasn't a traditional learning environment in the sense where I felt intimidated by my teachers. They treated us like peers and colleagues as oppoed to students they were looking down upon. If you're good at this and you're passionate about journalism, and you care, you'll make it. There are still journalists getting paid lots of money out there doing important work."

Sam Cooper Reporter, Global News investigative reporter, Ottawa

“The program gave me practical training that allowed me to hit the ground running. I've heard that editors are impressed with Langara grads because we understand the nuts and bolts of solid reporting from day one."

"At Langara you will learn real-world journalism skills, which will lead to jobs and once you've got your foot in the door, the learning has just begun. After years in the profession, you might even craft stories that rise to the level of poetry.”

Jennifer Thuncher Staff Reporter, The Squamish Chief

"The Langara j-school program gave me the confidence I needed to pursue a career in journalism later in life."

"Every time I doubted myself, one of the instructors would give me a nudge to keep me on track. In practical terms, the program gave me an almost exact snapsnot of what being a reporter is like in a real newsroom. I would gladly refer anyone interested in this career to go to Langara. I also made a few lifelong friends through this program. We turn to each other to share the joys and frustrations of this oddly addictve career in news."

Julia Dilworth Associate editor, Vancouver magazine and Western Living

"What was really great about Langara is that they teach you how to write, how to write really fast, how to pull out all the important pieces that's newsworthy and turn that into copy."

"There's a lot of writing in communications and you need to know how to pitch a story to an editor or to a potential journalist for a story. The thing about Langara that was so useful was that I already had a degree, had gone to BCIT and done their marketing and communications program. I had done many internships and the program at Langara was quick and covered everything. The copy editing class was very useful and the daily writing class taught me so much about deadlines and sources. The program provided all the practical skills that are needed in everyday journalism."