Scholarships available for journalism students

Jeani Read-Michael Mercer Scholarship for Journalism Students (application required)

This endowed scholarship fund provides four scholarships annually for $7,500 each for graduating journalism students. The successful applicants receive support for approximately three months while they produce a major work of progressive journalism, such as an in-depth newspaper story, or series of stories suitable for publication in a newspaper, magazine, or on the web. Scholarships will be awarded in the Spring.

British Columbia and Yukon Community Newspaper Association Scholarships (application not required)

Several scholarships are awarded annually to Langara Journalism students through the generosity of the British Columbia and Yukon Community Newspaper Association. Based on recommendations from faculty, two scholarships of $1,000 each are awarded to graduating students, one in the Certificate program and one in the Diploma program. Students must demonstrate intent to work in the community press, maintain a high academic standing and high journalistic standards. The awards are presented at the BCYCNA annual convention in the spring.

You do not need to make a formal application.* Recommendations are made to the BCY by journalism faculty, based on academic standing, journalistic abilities as demonstrated in the program, or elsewhere and a demonstrated interest in working in the community press.

 B.C. Journalists’ Legacy Fund (Best Voice news Story of the year)

This scholarship is awarded to the Langara Journalism student who, in the opinion of journalism department faculty, has written the best Voice news story during the calendar year. Normally, students are eligible when they are reporters for the Voice, that is, second-term Diploma students in the spring and first-term Certificate students in the fall of the same year. Criteria will include quality of writing, research, originality and enterprise, impact, consequence, and relevance to Langara community or the larger community. Application is not required. Winners will be announced just prior to the college’s spring scholarship ceremony, usually in mid-March.

Leon Holt Memorial Scholarship for Journalism (application not required)

This scholarship provides an annual award of $400 to a Langara College journalism student who has demonstrated public responsibility in journalism. The recipient must adhere to the principles of sound journalism, namely, fairness, accuracy and honesty, and whose reporting work is based on sound research. The late Leon Holt was the husband of former Vancouver Sun reporter and former Member of Parliament, Simma Holt. Awarded in the spring term.

Penny Wise Langara Journalism-BCYCNA Scholarship (application required)

This $2,500 annual scholarship has been established by former Vancouver Sun journalist Evelyn A. Caldwell to assist a woman with journalistic promise to pursue her career by enrolling as a student in the Certificate program. Applicants must be at least 19 years of age, a resident of British Columbia, and demonstrate an interest in a career in journalism, usually in the form of some newspaper experience or freelance writing experience. Along with samples of published work, applicants must submit transcripts of high school, college or university grades and a 1,000-word essay on why they want a career in journalism. Letters of reference, particularly from editors, are helpful. This scholarship is jointly administered by Langara College and the British Columbia & Yukon Community Newspapers Association.

This scholarship is judged by a committee of individuals representing the estate of Evelyn Caldwell, the BCYCNA, Langara College Journalism Program and a working journalist.

Penny Wise Langara Journalism Scholarships (application not required)

Certificate scholarship: This scholarship is awarded in the spring to a second-term Certificate student who has demonstrated sound research and reporting skills and shows exceptional promise as a journalist. The value of this scholarship depends on the annual interest accumulated on the endowment.

Diploma scholarship: This scholarship is awarded in the fall to returning third-term Diploma student who has demonstrated sound research and reporting skills and shows exceptional promise as a journalist. The value of this scholarship depends on the annual interest accumulated on the endowment.

Scott Schill Memorial Scholarship (application not required)

An annual scholarship to the graduating Langara College journalism student who demonstrates the highest proficiency in all program subjects. Scott Schill was a senior editor at Canadian Press, Vancouver bureau. He died in 1977 at age 40.

Journalism Ethics Scholarship (application not required)

This is a scholarship of $350 awarded at the end of the spring term to a senior journalism student who demonstrates the ability to handle ethically challenging situations while working on the Journalism Department’s newspaper, The Voice. Criteria will normally be based on students’ “ethical conundrum” papers presented in the Journalism Ethics course and their performance as reporters or editors on The Voice.

Jack Webster Foundation-B.C. Hydro Student Journalism Awards

Awards of $2,000 each are given to students in journalism programs in British Columbia. Applicants must be B.C. residents, registered in a full-time journalism program and show a demonstrated interest in and commitment to journalism. Applicants must submit a 500-word essay describing their interest in journalism and views on the role of journalism in our society. Awards are made annually at the Webster Awards dinner in late October. Students must apply to the Jack Webster Foundation in early September. Funds are paid to the student through the Langara Foundation. More details will be posted in the fall.