Graduates of the Langara Journalism Program work in media and communications all over the world. Vancouver, of course, and points everywhere else: Terrace, Toronto, Kelowna, Hong Kong, Prince George, St. Albert, Saskatoon, Calgary, Abu Dhabi, Victoria, Squamish, Whistler and Johannesburg. 

Langara journalism graduates are also landing in a wider variety of jobs, compared to previous years. The skills taught in the school lead to many more career opportunities than ever before. 

We have grads working as reporters, editors, photographers, news managers, radio and television producers, and columnists, as always. But our journalism grads are also getting jobs as social media managers, online-news writers for television, human resource recruiters, corporate website managers, freelancers specializing in fashion and the auto industry, communications officers for non-profits, owners of public-relations businesses and more. 

Graduates of the program are starting their careers in different ways. Some are choosing to work a combination of freelance and contract jobs in bigger cities. Others opt to begin their careers at small community papers where they “do it all.” The more entrepreneurial ones are even diving right in as consultants and starting their own businesses in communications, copywriting or research. 

Some like where they've landed -- a small town, a freelancing career, an independent business -- and stay, while others use the experience to move on to daily newspapers, wire and online news services, magazines, broadcasting, or public relations.

The job market in journalism and communications is competitive. Still we hear over and over again that those with talent and drive are never short of employment opportunities. 

As Victoria Paterson, a 2008 graduate working near Edmonton, says:" I've *had* to move three times since 2012 to places not of my choosing, but where my fiancee's career took us. And I've gotten a job each time. Hell, I've *tried* to be unemployed and failed at it."

A willingness to work outside the Lower Mainland increases career prospects.

Here's a small sample of where Langara's journalism grads from the past decades are working now:

The 2010s

  • Jen St. Denis, reporter, Business in Vancouver; Audrey McKinnon, producer, CBC Prince George; Daniel Palmer, editor, Victoria News; Mike Hager, reporter, Globe and Mail Vancouver; Kendra Wong, sports reporter, Smithers Interior News; Annie Ellison, producer, KOIN TV, Portland, Oregon; Dana Bowen, arts reporter, Northwest News Service, Yellowknife; Spencer Anderson, reporter, Nanaimo Daily News; Rebekah Funk, freelance travel writer, Johannesburg; Todd Coyne, deputy editor, Alberta Oil magazine; Geoffrey Morgan, energy reporter, National Post; Eric Plummer, reporter, Alberni Valley Times; Simon Druker, reporter, News1130; Adrian MacNair, reporter, Surrey Now; Alexandra Grant, fashion blogger @tovogueorbust; Jesse Winter, reporter/photographer, Yukon News; Jules Knox, producer, anchor, CTV Saskatoon

The 2000s

  • Fiona Anderson, editor-in-chief, Business in Vancouver; Brent Richter, reporter, North Shore News; Jeff Lawrence, online repoter/editor, CTV Vancouver; Brent Mutis, editor, Hockey News; Michael Mui, editor, 24 Hours Vancouver; Sarah Artis, communications co-ordinator for Skeena-Nass Centre in Resource Economics; Scott Neufeld, city editor, Vancouver Sun; Leasa Hachey, website manager and manager, Ledcor Construction; Jennifer Moreau, reporter, Burnaby Now; Amrinder Sandhar, information officer, Trade and Investment BC; Jackie Wong, freelancer, Vancouver; Stephanie Mosley, event and social media manager, Tantalus Vineyards Kelowna; Joshua Hergesheimer, author of a book coming out 2015 on the South Sudan; Doug Neumann, reporter, St. Albert, Alberta; Chris Richards; social-media manager, Vancouver International Airport; Gloria Fung, editor, AsiaSpa

The 1990s

  • Simi Sara, talk-radio host, CKNW; Doug Alexander, reporter, Bloomberg News, Toronto; Kevin Diakiw, reporter, Surrey Leader; Jason Proctor, reporter, CBC Vancouver; Zeke Norton, director, Rainmaker Entertainment; Grace Chin, content strategist/project manager at Boilingpoint Group; Daffyd Roderick, staff writer, Time magazine (Asia); Shannon Miller, senior editor, The Province; Glen Korstrom, reporter, Business in Vancouver; Alan Cameron, copy editor, The National, Abu Dhabi; Patricia Westerholm, manager, corporate communications, Tourism Whistler; Barry Link, editor, Vancouver Courier

The 1980s

  • Gary Mason, columnist, Globe and Mail Vancouver; Noreen Flanagan, editor-in-chief, Elle Canada; Wendy McLellan, assignment editor, The Province; Jeff Nagel, reporter, Surrey Leader; Mike Usinger, music editor, Georgia Straight; Rod MacDonald, principal, MacDonald Creative; Tracy Sherlock, books/education reporter, Vancouver Sun; Susan Quinn, editor, Alberni Valley News; Justine Hunter, national correspondent, Globe and Mail; Charles Montgomery, author, Happy City; Licia Corbella, columnist, Calgary Herald; Lisa Smedman, novelist and game designer; Iain MacIntyre, sports reporter, Vancouver Sun; Muriel Archibald, SEO specialist, co-owner Search Engine Academy of Western Canada

The 1960s and 1970s

  • Doriana Temolo, news director, Global National; Diane Jacob, award-winning author of Will Write for Food, writing coach and freelance editor; Frank Bucholtz, editor, Langley Times; Bruce Constantineau, reporter, Vancouver Sun; Wyng Chow, copy editor, Hong Kong Standard; Debbie Anshan, real-time caption reporter, freelance; Larry Pynn, environment reporter, Vancouver Sun; Cari Goldin, lawyer, review officer at WorkSafeBC; Chris Bird, author, San Antonio, Texas.

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