Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

The Nutrition University Transfer Program of Langara College provides information regarding employment opportunities, educational sessions, and other networking possibilities to those in the ASFN and FNHT programs. If you’d like to subscribe to this newsletter, please submit your email address below.

The FNHT program provides graduates with automatic entry into the UBC 3rd year BSC in Food, Nutrition, and Health. Once admitted in the program, students can choose from various majors that may lead to, but not limited to, these career possibilities:

Please note, admission to the Dietetics Major is competitive and admission is not guaranteed. While students who complete the Diploma in Food, Nutrition, and Health Transfer receive automatic acceptance to the Land and Food Systems Faculty at UBC, and this places them in a better situation, there is still an application process for one of the limited number of seats at UBC. 

View our program's pathway flowchart here.

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