From Script to Screen – guaranteed. That’s what sets Langara College's Film Arts apart from other screenwriting programs. After an intensive eight months immersing yourself in the world of film, you will graduate with two festival quality films that you wrote. And as a collaborator with directors and actors, you will produce these films, gaining invaluable on-set experience. A year-end Film Arts festival is the launch pad for the films that your team will promote and screen worldwide.

Writing Stream graduates will learn how to:

  • write convincing proposals for film or video projects, and know where to shop them.
  • write a professionally formatted short, feature, television series "bible" and literary adaptation and/or children’s film.
  • story-edit other people’s screenplays through evaluation and constructive criticism.

Admissions Process:

Admissions Requirements

  • Completed application for admissions form. Please indicate that you are applying for the Writing Stream
  • Official Transcripts
  • Letter of Intent citing your goals in joining the Film Arts program
  • CV and Resume
  • Interview
  • Written Portfolio- portfolio package to be recieved upon initial application approval