Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Langara Engineering Programs – FAQ

Langara offers two Engineering programs:

The Engineering Transfer Certificate is a BCCAT articulated program providing courses to match the first year of engineering study at the University of British Columbia. Those courses satisfy the UBC Faculty of Applied Science requirements for engineering transfer classification when completed in the regular 2-semester academic year.

The two-year Applied Science for Engineering Diploma incorporates upgrading and preparatory courses. The last 40 credits (12 courses) of the Applied Science Diploma are the same as the courses of the Engineering Transfer curriculum.

Contact: Csilla Tamás, Engineering Coordinator

Which program is a better fit for me?

  • Students in the Engineering Transfer Program wishing to apply to UBC as an “Engineering Transfer” student need to complete the curriculum within two semesters (Fall and Spring). This means taking 6 courses (20 credits) and a seminar each of the two terms. Successful students have a strong academic background (especially in math, physics, and chemistry), and have good time management and study skills.
  • The two-year Applied Science for Engineering Diploma is particularly suitable for students interested in engineering who don't or just minimally meet the prerequisites of the Engineering Transfer program, or who need time to transition into the heavy workload that the study of engineering requires. Students in the Applied Science Diploma may qualify for entry to the Certificate by taking any needed prerequisites during the first year of the Diploma program.

What are the admission requirements?

  • High school students applying for the Engineering Transfer Certificate need to meet the following (minimum) requirements: 70% in English First Peoples 12 OR English Studies 12 OR Literary Studies 12, and a minimum of B in Chemistry 12, Physics 12, and B in Precalculus 12 OR a minimum C+ in Precalculus 12 and a minimum C- in Calculus 12. Admission into the Engineering Transfer Program is competitive; meeting the minimum admission requirements will not guarantee admission into the program. 
  • Students applying for the Applied Science for Engineering Diploma need a minimum of B in Physics 11 and Chemistry 11. In addition, preference may be given to applicants who have a "C+" or higher in Pre-calculus 12.
  • Students with post-secondary experience will be evaluated on both their high school and post-secondary transcripts.

If I complete the Applied Science Diploma, would I be eligible to enter 3rd year at UBC Engineering?

  • No; the “exit point” for the Applied Science Diploma is the same as for the Engineering Transfer: you would have finished the equivalent of first year Engineering at UBC. In other words, from both programs you are only able to transfer into second year at UBC Engineering. 

Then what is the difference between the two programs?

  • The main difference is that Engineering Transfer is fast-paced (12 courses in two semesters), while the Applied Science Diploma contains upgrading and introductory courses (in the first year of the Diploma) in addition to the 12 courses common with the Engineering Transfer program. As an Applied Science Diploma student, you can take courses at your own pace.
  • In addition, if you complete the Engineering Transfer Program within one academic year (two semesters) with a GPA of at least 3.1, you would be eligible for second-year engineering at UBC. If you prefer to take courses at a slower pace, your UBC Engineering application would be evaluated in the competitive applicant pool

If I was admitted to the Applied Science Diploma program, can I later switch to the Engineering Transfer program?

  • Yes. Students in the Applied Science Diploma may qualify for entry to the Certificate by taking any needed prerequisites during the first year of the program. The expectations are that your grades in these pre-requisite courses (MATH 1170, PHYS 1118, CHEM 1118, and possibly ENGL 1107) will meet or exceed the pre-requisite requirements for the courses in the Engineering Transfer program.

Are both programs eligible to transfer to university?

  • Yes. Students completing either program may be accepted to all 7 post-secondary institutions with engineering programs in BC (UBC-V, UBC-O, UVic, SFU, TRU, UNBC, BCIT). 
  • The Certificate curriculum (which is also part of the Diploma curriculum) matches first year at UBC-V, as well as first year at UBC-O.  Currently, students who complete the Engineering Transfer Program within one academic year (two semesters) with a GPA of at least 3.1, are eligible for admission into second-year engineering at UBC. (GPA requirement for UBC-Okanagan are slightly lower.)
  • Students who take the program courses at their own pace are evaluated for admission into second year Engineering at UBC based on competitive GPA. 
  • We also have an agreement with the University of Victoria; this agreement provides for transfer to second-year of the Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) at UVic. Students take most of the first year BEng courses at Langara, except ENGR 130 (which is not offered at Langara) then transfer to UVic at the beginning of their second year.
  • We have also had Diploma and Certificate students admitted to SFU, UNBC,  BCIT, York University, as well as to UBC Wood Products processing.
  • Students who don’t complete the entire program might still be eligible for transferring into second year university Engineering, as most post-secondary institutions require only 24-27 transferable post-secondary credits for second year placement. Applications are evaluated based on competitive GPA.