Publishing Alumni Talk about Their Careers

Communications Coordinator Stephanie Thompson & Document Production Coordinator Laura Fletcher  (both class of 2017)

Marketing & Communications Coordinator Burhan Osman (class of 2017)

Proposal Manager Dusty Yurkin (class of 2015)

(Videos above produced by 2018 Publishing students Nicola Anderson, Vitoria Freitas, Samantha McCready & Bailey Hicks.)


Communications Coordinator Celina O'Connor (class of 2016)

Writer Kaitlyn Gendemann (class of 2015)

Exhibit Coordinator Michelle Peters (class of 2015)

(Videos above produced by 2017 Publishing students Maisey Chan, Rony Ganon, Burhan Osman, and Marianna Vilchez).

Web Developer Christine Reimer (class of 2014)

Editor Lindsay Vermeulen (class of 2015)

Production Artist Brendan Glyn-Jones, (class of 2014)

Graphic Designer Kumiko Aoki (class of 2015)

Managing Director, Milk Creative Communications, Nicola Humphrey, (class of 2011)

(Videos produced by 2016 Publishing students Erin Hughes, Jenelle Fajardo-Lavery, Celina O'Connor, and Ana Jamali Rad).

Meet another grad we are very proud of: Reanna Evoy, who took the Publishing program in 2000-2001, is currently a freelance Creative Brand Director, former creative director for ALDO, former art director for enRoute magazine, cofounder of Butter magazine, and 2015 Langara Outstanding Alumni Award winner.

Find out about what some of our grads are up to!

  • They work as web designers for companies and as freelancers
  • They create and build brand identities for established and emerging businesses
  • They write and edit for marketing and PR companies
  • They work in communications
  • They work in the book and magazine industries
  • They work as graphic designers

Some companies that have hired our graduates

  • Vancouver Airport Authority
  • Penguin Random House
  • Quietly
  • Gravity Pope
  • Western Living
  • Hootsuite
  • Friesen Press
  • Rezserve Technologies
  • Milk Creative Communications
  • ACD Systems